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I was shipping a large package today and the contents were barely larger than the USPS large flat rate box so I had to use my own packaging. The clerk put my box on the scale and began to measure it while I was getting the address ready. I asked her how much it would cost to ship and she told me "only $7.99" so we went through the prompts on the credit card reader. This is where it gets shady because I put my credit card on the counter and the... Read more

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this is the second time I have tracked a package to the Denver Iowa post office and gone to get it and it is not there. There system is to put a key to a locker in the po box and then the box holder can get the package out. That systems fails the post office workers can and have put the wrong keys to wrong packages to the wrong PO Box. I have had three times in the last 7 months received someones else's package the key was placed in my box but... Read more

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Sent a certified letter to a person VERY close to me, within the same city and got lost. Then sent another Certified one to the same address and that one got lost as well. I sent another one to another person as well, certified, less than 5 miles away from me, got lost as well. I sent a second one to this other address and they say "note left" which somehow I kinda doubt, given the circumstances. Question is: WHAT IS GOING ON WITH USPS? I ended... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 17
  • #902255

Was expecting a package to come in today, and as always USPS being a disappointment change the delivery date to the next day. What is the true purpose of the 1-2 day delivery? To take money out of your pockets. This is yet another disgrace of the United States goverment. It should be ashame of having U.S. in front of the name.

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I have ordered four items and all of them I have tried sending to my dads business in greenwood. Every order they send back saying there is an error with the address. There isn't, the address is correct and in the area they deliver too. This has been very frustrating especially since I can just type the address into google and it pops up immediately and correct. This location is terrible. Will never ship through them again. I have even called... Read more

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Always late. If you purchase a 1-3 delivery. It won't even get received until 5-6 days. This company is ridiculous. I highly prefer FedEX

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usps denied my damage claim. They told me I need to contact the Honolulu office within 30-day to retrieve my product. 808-423-3930 no one will ever answer this phone. Contacted the post office that delivered the package to my customer and was told they couldn't help me and to contact another office 808-423-6029 again no one answers the phone. today I was on hold for 32 minutes (800-275-8777) the lady was very nice, I had to select tech sup... Read more

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For the 3rd time in 3 month my son has sent a priority letter from Mckinney Texas and it cost him $6. For the last 3 months no letter has arrived that I did not have to file a complaint on it because in never showed up to cincinnati,oh. Call the postal service and got no help at all. So angry they take your money and no letter.I called customer service and they are looking at the same tracking screen I am so they are no, no, no, help to me at... Read more

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A priority mail package has been sitting in the LA Mesa CA facility for two days. It's aporox 20 miles or less from my home. I could drive there 50 times or more in the 2 days it's been sitting there. I think that is code for we lost it. Tried to call my local branch 3 times with no answer or message. Eventually the call disconnects. In what world is this acceptable service? The postmaster general should be fired for incompetence and is grossly... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 05
  • #895479

I ordered a pair of headphones and its not far the guy said he did 2-3 shipping and its been three weeks and nothing yet!

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