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  • 4 hours ago
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My packages go through warrendale pennsylvania and never update until the following day ..this time theres been no update whatsoever sine 10/22. Cant get through to a real person

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  • 1 day ago
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How come the usps held my package in indianapolis for 4 days? I live in mooresville, 20 minutes away. 4 days?

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USPS / JFK - poor service Based on my experience USPS inbound @ JFK either takes a week to process a package or even worse "looses" it. ...and to use USPS client service own words when you contact them: "There is nothing we can do about it" USPS - there is something seriously wrong - fix it! Learn from other airports such as LA or SF where packages gets processed within a couple of days. i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i... Read more

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They carelessly and badly bend the cardboard package holding my CPA license. Of course the license was bent too. Good work USPS. There isn't really much to explain, they didn't handle my package with care. Does the words "DO NOT BEND" in big letters mean anything to them? Do they get joy out of destroying people's property? Government protected incompetence should not be allowed and I wish the leadership of USPS was replaced so that they could... Read more

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USPS is absolutely THE WORST! It definitely is a government business.
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I had to send a package overnight which contained Professional Cinema Camera Drives which she allowed me to take home so I could download the footage we shot that day. I wanted to get the drives back to her ASAP so she could work on other projects and didn't have a lot of money so I decided to use USPS PRIORITY flatrate (1~3 days) packaging. I thought the key words "PRIORITY" and "OVERNIGHT" were representative of the service I was expecting. ... Read more

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Really super ticked off about this (trying to watch my trucker mouth as i type.) Ordered a subscription service to my house, i used to live there, and i am moving back in. I was made to believe that my mail was uninterrupted by the forwarding order filed by my father, and i continued to recieve mail to the house until i myself changed my address. I recieved supplies to install my own internet without issue a week ago, and yet this one package is... Read more

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This has happened many times, and the post office won't fix the problem. We have those community mail boxes, and they have the bigger boxes on the bottom for packages. But the mail lady refuses to use them. One day i got a notice that i missed a delivery. I was home all day. The next week i got a message that said their was no secure place to leave my package. I have seen her just throw the packages from the street trying to aim at my door. I... Read more

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I received a bill that was meant for another person at an address clear across town from me. I called the post office to ask if they would come pick it up to correct their error. The phone rang about 30 times before they answered it. They said 'well sometimes mail gets stuck together and the mail carrier does not notice, it happens very frequently.'. They would not come pick it up, I could not put it in my mail box as I have a locking mailbox... Read more

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Package was received on Sept 9, processed through facility on Sept 16. Today is Oct 10 and still no package and no new info. USPS can't help either. What's the point of having a tracking number, if you can't help. I have called once, had to wait for 53 min for a live person, only to tell me I'm stuck with where it's at. What a bunch of BS. Mail/Customs system is flawed when you have tracking and they can't tell you what's going on. Does anyone... Read more

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Why do package leave Springfield and then seemingly disappear for a day or two? This happens time and time again. I've called the local consumer affairs USPS people, but they don't return my calls. Either they don't have enough people to sort, etc. or they are just slack. And forget about trying to reach someone in D.C.; the CIA is easier to get in touch with. The 800 number is a joke "Do you want stamps?". Yes, I'm calling D.C. to get stamps.... Read more

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