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I have packages coming in almost on a weekly basis, and packages going out on a weekly basis. My packages coming in have ceased movement at the USPS North Houston facility. I have 9 packages coming in. 2 were lost at the North Houston facility (according to the post office) back on Feb. 12, 2015. Still no sign of them today (2/25/2015).

It gets worse... I had 6 packages mailed to me over a week and a half ago. 1 of them showed up without any issues. 5 of them are "In Transit/Delayed" and were supposed to have been delivered 2/21/2015.

As of lastnight, I discovered that a certified letter I sent out on 2/21/2015 with time sensitive contracts and a deposit check inside has also gone missing at the North Houston facility. It was supposed to have been delivered to its destination on 2/23/2015.

Tracking for all packages has ceased. I have tried the email update tricks, I have filed missing package reports online and been given case numbers only to get emails back that basically state the 'USPS regrets my lost packages, but that first class mail can't be tracked'... well these were not first class mail items, they were PRIORITY mail and Certified Mail (although considered 1st class).

Unfortunately, I have been speaking with people at the local USPS Consumer Affairs office here in Houston (Brenda and Sharon) and the information they tell me is highly disturbing. A third person (Alfred) tried calling me at 4:01pm and when I called him back at 4:08pm guess what? They were closed.

Basically, I am told that they are putting in a "new sorting machine" at the facility and they're highly encouraged things should be back to normal this week. Then I am told that the person I am talking to (Sharon) isn't really equipped to handle missing package calls because she's just helping out due to high call volume. So all this after spending hours on hold (I have the screen shots and documentation for it as proof.) On another call, my packages were shown to have been processed several times on the machine (They downloaded images) and said that the labels were intact, addressed correctly, and that she (Brenda) didn't know why they were just sitting there not being moved.

I was also told that when it says it's "arrived" at the facility it's being processed, if it says "departed" that they're leaving or have left the facility. In my case, the packages were mixed. But no scans were ever made elsewhere for those that have "departed". Sharon stated "they could be sitting on the dock waiting to be loaded". Which after almost a week of sitting on the dock, I am assuming they're lost or internal theft has occurred.

My packages are NOT easily lost. Each box weighs 30+ pounds and is a Medium flat rate priority mail box. Not exactly the easiest thing to lose. And there are PLENTY of them sitting somewhere!!

IF you're having problems please RAISE A STINK in Houston!! If you google this issue, you'll see that Jeff Ehling of ABC 13 (KTRK) did a story in December on this. I contacted him a couple of days ago via his twitter page and he responded asking for details. Yesterday I was contacted by his producer who asked for all the details. BE HEARD!!

USPS General Line - 1 (800) ASK-USPS

USPS Houston Consumer Affairs - 713-226-3442

Product or Service Mentioned: Usps Mail Service.

Reason of review: MISSING PACKAGES.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I also have a package "lost" at the Houston USPS sort facility. One valued at $900.

Priority mail.

Never delivered. Something is going on at the Houston, Texas USPS sort facility.


I am going through the same thing, but it departed another sort facility in Nevada and hasn't been seen since. Last update was Feb 4th that it departed Las Vegas, and nothing.

Contacted Consumer Affairs, they said that there was no package image scan for it and they couldn't find it anywhere. Closed the case and that is that. Seeing this happen on sports card forums as well - lots of individuals missing Priority Mail packages that are stuck at, or leaving, sort facilities. I also sent out two checks to my bank first class mail 6 weeks ago, those also have disappeared and I had to get a reissue on both of them.

It seems impossible they are losing so much mail in such a short time frame and none of it is showing up anywhere. The past two months right after Christmas everything has gone to *** with the USPS.

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