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I ordered stamps over a month ago and after numerous phone calls and twice rescheduling my stamp delivery, I was finally told because I had purchased the online stamp order on the USPS website with my PayPal account that I would have to sign in person for the delivery. What is the point of ordering online for home delivery if I have to be home to sign for a simple single sheet of stamps.

If I was able to be home during USPS delivery times, I could have driven to a USPS office and bought stamps in person.

Talk about and customer service nightmare. No where is it disclosed on the website does it indicate that a signature is required for using a PayPal account to facilitate a purchase transaction.

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Like most government and public school rules and procedures you are "supposed to know" how they operate. Your experience is not atypical when dealing with a bloated, failing governmental agency. Remember this come November.

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