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Just want to share what happened to my package. My parents live in Germany.

They sent to us a package with several nice art books and some children toys and clothes. When I received the package it had no books at all. It had the clothes and toys my parents sent along with somebody else's stuff (a scarf, wallet, and socks in a gift wrapping paper, a soap, a broken Christmas candy). The package was opened and retaped.

The label on the package clearly says its weight was 8.5 kg (over 18 pounds), and the custom declaration says "books". Obviously the package's weight is much smaller now, around 7 pounds. The USPS tracking tool shows that it arrived to ISC NEW YORK (which is supposed to be the customs) and was there for 12 days. I believe somebody in the ISC opened a bunch of parcels at once, went through the content, then just stuffed the things back without paying attention.

I filed complaints on usps.com and on postalinspectors.uspis.gov but I doubt it will help.

It is not that the lost books are super expensive, I just feel sorry for my parents, they wanted us to have those particular books. If somebody recognizes their lost items (a scarf and socks in a gift wrapping paper, a soap, a broken Christmas candy) you can contact me on this site with a description and I will sent it to you.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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My package from Estonia is valued at $560.00 . It has been at the ISC since 06/20/2018 is it stolen?


I ordered some clothes from a New York brand, I am living in Germany and the Tracking doesn't change since March 28 2017.

The Shop was so friendly to send me a Promo Code, I hope my new order will arrive...

I really want to know what the F*** is going on at JFK Airport!


I am continually worried about items I send or receive that languish in "customs". It is in customs that thieves have the opportunity to do the most damage.

Most items that go through the mail never have time to rest or be in the hands of criminals but in the customs house a package may sit unattended for days while a thief has time to rifle the contents and take what they want.

If a few of them get together then there is just no way to hold anyone accountable. I really do not feel comfortable or confident when a package just sits there in their hands.

Yeshwanthpur, Karnataka, India #1195829


P.S.: ISC centers are allegedly set up as mail theft syndicates, its a mail theft ring operating in many third world countries such as philippines and usa.

to Rajesh #1395359

Robbing the mail ought to be treated like robbing a bank. If one pilfers the mail they should get maximum time in prison. But of course, that is not how it really works.


It just happened to me today. I recieved an empty box and it was sort out at New York ISC.

Unbelievable I dont know what to feel and who to ask for help. It was supposed to be a Louis Vuitton Clutch.

Kokomo, Indiana, United States #930185

I NEED the form of complain because my packages are there almost 1 year and do not move to a destination. help me to get solution if you can .Thanks

Bronx, New York, United States #836487

28 pair of sunglasses this scumbags from custom or usps took , I'm a honest man ,I email the postmaster the big kahuna , the looser got his secretary to email me , he only gets pay to sit on his office and scratch his balls all day.


will just had a ring with a very real and very rare stone drop off the map after getting to the ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :cry :cry :cry :cry

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #688425

I sent a box of books from Japan 7 years ago which also would have gone through customs in NY. Never got them.

Yesterday, my mother in CA received a package from me containing a different item than I sent, and it was domestic!

Athens, Attica, Greece #613515

I send an amplifier to USA from Greece but the receiver has changed his address.

Since then no information about my package.

Lost somewhere is a UNIT.

A 2000USA amplifer ''lost'' in a day.


Let me say for the sake of this that I am ******* pissed at USPS. I bought a SEALED copy of a super rare Super Nintendo game. Been a month! This is what the tracking tool says:

Processed Through Sort Facility

August 28 , 2012, 5:34 pm


Registered Mailâ„¢

Origin Post is Preparing Shipment

Processed Through Sort Facility

August 24, 2012, 11:56 pm


Processed Through Sort Facility

August 23, 2012, 4:13 pm



August 20, 2012, 6:15 pm


This is ******* ***! WTF USPS? Give me my *** package! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


They should place security cameras all over that shithole called ISC New York just like they do in South Africa to stop those monkeys from stealing stuff from people! The management of the place must be criminals as they ignore the massive theft going on there or they must be part of the mail theft syndicate!

USA has become a Third World country already! I lost a LOT of registered mail going through that *** hole in the *** capital of the world called "New ***"!


My package has been in new york customs over 30 days. No letter saying its retain, no nothing.

Everyone one says just wait. But honestly is there really nothing I can do? Usps said call your senator. And do what?

First I would have to get a whole of him and then say can you releast my package in customs? There has to be a way. Something? Anything?

( Was shipped from spain ems) shipper has sent me pack from there post in us because of this but still I want my other package! I told them do not use usps but they had already shipped. Sorry I will rambling on but there has got to be something, a number?

A email? Thanks :(

to sellerfromwayback Yeshwanthpur, Karnataka, India #1195832

It is *** ridiculous when to send via Registered mail it costs nearly $20 and the indemnity is only limited to $45 !? This is like you would pay $50,000 a year to insure your house for $125,000 !!!

USA Corruption! Greed!

Criminality! And most of those idiots will vote for the liar and corrupt hillary!?


Sent two packages out from Turkey and one got stuck in ISC for 10 days, the other is still there 15 days and counting. Turkeys mail system is a lot faster and more advanced then the US and it seems whenever sending mail to the US its as if it has entered a third world country and the US starts delivering mail on camel.

I would have to say that the US mail system is far less superior than... lets say.. any other country in the world. USPS...

you are one sad puppy that needs to be euthanized. :(


I ordered something from hong kong it was supposed to be delivered last week. It's been in ISC NY and I need it ASAP I have no idea why it's there still it's only one item.

One thing in it. I'm just upset it's taking so long.

I rather had took the trip to hong kong. The money spending on the tickets would of been worth it.


i mailed a book that i sold via amazon.com and the book made it to a town 20 miles from the destination in colorado.

i had tracking, the book disappeared, i had to refund my customer and i filied sa report three times and they kept losing it and its been two years and still not one word about my book. :(


Same problem here! My parents from Germany sent me 2 packages for christmas.

One was a parcel under 2kg (no trtacking numbers for parcels) and never arrive at my house. The 5kg package was opened and re-taped. German chocolate got replaced with 4 almond chocolates from Switzerland another one replaced with coffee chocolate from russia. My acrylic paint, pj's and drink cocoa, and expensice children cutlery from WMF was gone.

The package. The empty got was filled with black heavy duty "Hefty" garbage bags.

One of the bags and brown rest tape with 2 us stamps stuck on it. I think it got opened in Bell Gardens, CA.


I feel your pain.

The USPS is a shame.

I bought a very expensive first Olympic stamp from Greece in August 2010.

After a month I still did not received the item.

I checked USPS tracking in October. It says "Your item arrived in the United States in ISC NEW YORK NY(UPS) at 9:15 pm on September 14, 2010. No further information is available for this item."

But in November 2010, the USPS still failed to deliver the item to me. So I complained to the USPS and was informed that only the sender has the right to make an inquiry of the item. So I told the stamp auction company to make an inquiry.

Then in December the company told me USPS informed them the stamp was lost.

Then I checked on the internet and found that lots of people complained about their items reported by USPS to be lost after arriving in ISC New York (USPS).

The stamp auction company sent the expensive Olympic stamp to me with registered mail. No way it should have been lost after arriving ISC New York.

I believe that some USPS employees, especially the ones in ISC New York, are thieves who take advantage of their job to steal things from their customers.

The USPS is a good example of what is wrong with our government.

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