I received a boxed package of aluminum valve covers at my home. Left on the doorstep.

One end of the box was busted open and I found 2 of the 6 bolts that were shipped originally. I filed a claim through the UPS web site. The web site has a lot of gaps in the questions and directions you are given. On purpose, ya think?

The next day the local driver came by the house and left a note saying package damage inspection. That is it. Not when they would return or ANY OTHER INFO. I managed to get a customer service rep on the 1-800 number and asked her what to do.

She said to leave the package where they could get to it and they would return tomorrow and INSPECT THE PACKAGE FOR DAMAGES. I left the package on the door step with the merchandise in the busted box, so she could see exactly how I received it. When I got home from work the package and valve covers were GONE with no note or anything. I called the 1-800 CS rep again and all they could tell me was that they had 8 days to make a decision on the damage claim.

3 days later the guy I bought them from emails to ask why I sent them back? I called him and explained that I didn't send them back I didn't know what happened to them. He said that he had filed a damage claim 2 years ago for $2500 and never saw the merchandise or the money. Finally gave up!I called the CS rep and talked to a barely understandable spanish speaker who told me that the claim was closed .

They found that the shipper didn't box the item right and they sent it back to the shipper , case closed, end of story. That is their method.

The UPS driver said she never ships UPS. Do Not EVER file a damage claim with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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