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So USPS is by far the worst postal service EVER! This is the biggest cracker jack corporation with a bunch of absolute idiots running it.

Lets take you all back a month ago, when I entrusted them to send on my wedding invites. (which might I add costed hundreds of dollars) Well about 4 days after sending them out, I started getting calls/texts about damaged, or should I say destroyed invitations. One person, kindly sent us a picture of it, in which the invite looked as though it had been lite on fire!!! (Yesss it was all black) I placed a call to complain, so rude, for lack of a word I cant use of her, woman persisted to yell over me and pretty much tell me too bad.

So I called again, then they have the nerve to say it wasnt there problem, it was the state to which they were mailed fault. they told me they would file the complaint and call me within 2 business days. We 4 business days later no call, so I called again. they have the nerve to lie right to me and say they spoke to me.

REALLLY?? do i have a twin I am unaware of that answers my phone. Complete BS. So I place another complaint, same thing, told I would hear back within 2 business days.

Well I purposely wait to see just how rude they are, and 2 weeks late no call back. So I call again only to be yelled at by some incompetent, disgruntled *** who told me well collect them all and bring them to the office. NOW, I had told this *** 3x times I am from another state. So to cut to the point, they RUINED my wedding invitations, never called me back, BS'ed me to the max, they in a round about way, told me too freaking bad for you.

So needless to say I will never ship with them again, considering they all are a bunch of morons who couldnt get the *** outta there own.

But I will continue to call them weekly just to bust their balls. so *** USPS, your all a bunch or scumbags!!!

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Storm Lake, Iowa, United States #948584

Did you type this on a potato?


Oh please.

I'm a former postal worker, and you can bet that your invitations (the word isn't "invites", you illiterate twit), got caught in a processing machine. It happens, and there's nothing they can do about it. They're not going to reimburse you for the damage, because that's one of the risks you take when you use the USPS. Because cheapskates like you don't want to pay for people to hand sort mail in a timely manner, it has to be done on machines, and machines have glitches. All the time.

So what do you want them to do? They did what you barely paid them to do, and delivered the mail where it was supposed to go. That's all they have to do for you.

By the way, I can tell just by the way you are talking here that you were probably screaming like a spoiled *** at the clerks and making ridiculous drama queen demands. You seem to think that your 65 cents gives you the right to abuse people or demand reimbursement. It doesn't.

Calm down next time, rather than screaming your fool head off, and you might get better results.


The OP Shamryn sounds like a typical entitled c u n t of shall we say that religion that has the cheapest f-uckin' penny pinchers?


Yeah I think the sorting machine jamming causes that. You should try being the mail carrier delivering that.

Customers get really mad at you like if you destroyed their mail.

then I am stuck trying to tell them I received it that way. I feel you.


and obviously u are a tool coming on here and writing negative responses to people. Guess what *** off, if you dont care, then get the heck off the site... lord your a *** off


guess what, your a freaking flaming loser! if i could could I would use another word for your dumb ***


Guess what.....nobody here gives a flying hoot either.

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