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I have a package from my girlfriend in Singapore that I have been waiting eagerly since before the New Year. When it finally arrived yesterday (1/6/2010), the packaging was already cut open with a sharp blade and the present (an expensive book) was cut as well, all the way through the book spine.

Since I only received the package late yesterday afternoon, way past the office hours, I went to the local USPS here in Casa Grande, AZ in the morning to talk to someone regarding this. I was greeted by this postal worker by the name of Cathy when it was my turn at the counter. I explained to her what happened and immediately she cut me off before I finish explaining my situation, saying there is nothing they can or will do about it since the package was sent by registered mail with no insurance. I tried explaining to her that the mail carrier had told my apartment manager the package was cut opened by Postal Inspectors and that they didn't leave a note explaining nor did they reseal it. Cathy immediately told me that my manager (whom I know very well) was lying and that they would never do such a thing nor would they cut open my packages and damage the contents.

I have had packages shipped to me in the past that were opened and inspected by either Customs, Department of Agriculture or the Postal Inspectors and each time they would really do a ***-poor job of cutting. I have observed that whoever was wielding the blades were either Freddy Krueger or Wolverine with a grudge against my stuff as they almost always succeed in tearing up the packaging. At least each time they will reseal it and put a notice explaining the reason(s) for it. But this time, they went too far! Cathy had told me to my face that the package will NEVER leave the station in that condition. But the fact of the matter is in front of me: the package was sliced open and the cut had damaged my item inside!

After the third time listening to Cathy explaining to me how my mail carrier and my apartment manager was lying and that the USPS NEVER cut open packages like that, I decided enough was enough. I thanked her sarcastically and said to her as I left that nobody seems to want to take responsibility for their mistakes.

Note to anyone who lives in Casa Grande, AZ: avoid this rude and hostile employee by the name of Cathy. She is not only uncooperative but mean as well. Avoid her like the plague!

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Oakland, California, United States #841251

i'm in the middle of a case w/ usps. I recently purchased an 1880 set of encyclopedia in French on the Industrial Arts.

the whole set was in excellent condition and ex-libris a very important person of the 20th century. i packed it into 3 boxes very carefully and used foam wherever there was extra spaces. I received the first box in California a few days later - no issues there. Then i received the second box yesterday and it looked like it had been run over by a truck.

When i opened it, there was only 1 volume inside instead of the 3 i packed. There was no note saying it had been damaged or anything, but there were some loose plastic bands tied around the box which was all broken up - as if it was run over by a truck. The third box has still not arrived and when i try to track it online, it says 'Unable to track that item' w/ no other info. When it was mailed, it was inspected by the postmaster who remembers how well it was packed and wants to help us.

Unfortunately, we had decided not to insure it because the last two times we insured items which were then damaged in transit, we were only given pennies on the dollar, despite disputing their decision. I'd be very interested in joining a class-action lawsuit, if there are others in the same situation.

Flushing, New York, United States #615657

I posted this on another page, but I will post it again here.

I ordered 8 video games from best buy. USPS was the shipper.

They sent it to the wrong address. Took another 5 days to come. (went from Tennessee to edgewood ny, to flushing ny, to jamaica ny, to jamaica ny, to Ohio, to pennsylvania, and then finally back to flushing ny)... When i got it, only 3 EMPTY game cases and a bag that say "happy birthday".

My box had its tape torn off and then partly retaped. I called Best Buy and now they opened an investigation on this matter which is going to take FOREVER.


I am going through a similar situation. I went to China a few weeks ago and brought a Chinese tea set for my mother in Arizona.

Once I arrived back in the US I sent it to her from Oklahoma City. I MADE SURE I covered and sealed the item well since this IS NOT the first time we get damaged boxes. Mom just called...the box she received has holes all over it and the tea set is broken!

There is nothing I can do now because I didn't buy insurance.

I really wanted to keep using the service at USPS but after this,they've lost yet another customer. Now I know why they are doing so poorly and shutting down all over the U.S.!!


Dear MaGoo,

Have you never received mail before? Mail carriers delivered tampered mail all the time. Even a simple YouTube search will show postmen caught in the act.

You are very lucky that it has never happened to you. It is a scary thing to experience. I hope you never find out. Good luck.


My spouse works at a veterinary hospital.

Every time her hospital recieves med vials and other medical supplies through USPS, the packages are dammaged.

One time a box of Glucosaderm fish-oil based dietary dog and cat sopplements was delivered, the box was so badly crushed, that several bottles of fish oil were brocken open and had to be thrown away.

Of course it was all over the inside of the package, soaked.

This is a business, mind you not a residence, so they were there when the postal carrier delivered it.

Any time UPS delivers a package?

Pristine condition.



Looks like that scene from Ace Ventura where he's kicking the package along like a soccer ball on the way to deliver it.

I don't care what USPS's policies are, they absolutely lie.

Or are absolutely willfully ignoring a problem.

My mom in another state has the same experience with USPS, and so do her friends.

USPS acts like they're all "official" and "protocal" who can do no wrong, and are never liable, or responsible. Some shining fantasy of blue uniformed American hero-ness.

It's absolute ***.

What they are is a nearly bankrupt federally financed junkmail service that's so unionized they don't want anyone to realize how bad their service is, because they don't want to loose their obsolete jobs.

The fact is the USPS has a lot of serious problems that they don't want to talk about.

It's an institution build on denying obvious problems.

That's why they're nearly insolvent.

They don't like to admit their system doesnt work.


I am in a similar situation. I have had several issues with things disappearing from my mail ( checks, credit cards, low value gift cards) all of which we canceled so it wasn't a big deal.

But yesterday I received a package with 2 items in it and one of the items was missing ( a pair of very expensive, one of a kind earrings). Is there anything I can do? the package was clearly broken into an poorly resealed, but the package was uninsured. I have reported the issue and now all of the other issues, but will the post office actually do anything about it?

Is there any chance I'll actually get them back? I mean isn't it part of their job to make sure my package doesn't get broken into?!?



Same thing happened with me as well, I had ordered something from ebay although not expensive but first it arrived late, then on top of that there were suppose to 5 of a single item but there was only 1, the other 4 were missing.

This is crazy a small torn envelope from the side with a scotch tape on one end.


I also have had issues with my local postal service. My problems began a year or more ago however i have just recently decided to take action.

In year 2009 i found my mail on the ground just below my mailbox. At first i thought that maybe some kids or someone decided to be mean and remove the mail from my mailbox and drop it and leave it there for me to find. I believe i was wrong, it has only gone downhill from there.

Shortly after the first incident i walked out to my mailbox to find a white envelope inside the box with part of a footprint on it. How do you explain this? I checked the mail only minutes after it was delivered, no one had the time to walk by my mailbox, grab a letter, drop it and step on it. It looked like it was on the floor of the vehicle being stepped on then placed in my mailbox however i can't prove it.

In August 2010 my mail carrier dropped off a package of books (my school books). The package was CLEARLY too large to be placed inside the mailbox however the carrier bent, folded and forced the package inside the mailbox. It took me quite a few minutes to fight the mailbox to get my package out. I was at home all day, never left my house for even a second. The carrier DID NOT come to my door and try to deliver the package.

At this point, i had enough. I took photos of the package, documenting the damage. I called the costomer care number listed in the phone book. Spoke to an individual and explained the problem. She assured me i would receive a call back within 48 hrs. Two days later a supervisor did call me however there was no resolving of the issue. She explained that she would speak with the carrier. I asked what the policies were based on items being too large for the mailbox. She said it should be delivered to my door. So just because you can damage, bend, shove something in a mailbox does not mean it is suppose to fit.

September 2010 i received a package from Alaska with fragile items inside. Needless to say one of the items was broken into. The package was not insured by the sender. I called once again to inform the usps of my problem but was quickly brushed off since the package was not insured. I asked to speak to a supervisor and again was told someone would contact me within 48 hours. Today (which has been 48 hours) the supervisor called me. I explained what happened. She immediately started making excuses for the carriers actions. Saying there is nothing they can do and that i was over reacting. I understand that my package can't be replaced, but what can be done to resolve this? Not to mention the next day after calling costomer service i caught the carrier delivering the mail with her music up probably as loud as it could be. Windows were shaking. I explained that to the supervisor but she said i was lying. I certainly was not and i'm not the only person that saw her. So with much screaming at one another nothing was resolved. What do i do from here?


I occasionally do parcel repair and re-packs on damaged parcels. The utmost care is taken and the fact that the parcel was damaged is plainly marked in one of various ways to inform the reciever that the item was repaired / re-packed by USPS. I always have the item checked by a USPS Supervisor before sending it on its way.

From your description and especially the way your situation was dealt with by the person you name in your local post office, I really can't blame you for being annoyed.


Negative. My apartment manager has been managing my parcels for years now and never once has there been any issues. I have items with far more value being handled by her in the past and I had no problems. Assuming that she is nosy and careless is not only incorrect but speculative at best.

I am aware that mail carriers do not want to be accused of tampering or messing with customer's mail, however in my case someone has definitely dropped the ball here. If you read my post above, you will notice that there are no "Received in damaged condition" or similar stamps on my package nor was there any scotch-tape or plastic apology bag. Yet, my package was still delivered in that damaged condition.

If they did any of the above as you have said, I would not have raise *** regarding it.

In your case, it's obvious you have a far more pleasant (and positive) view of the USPS.


If a mail carrier receives an obviously damaged/opened parcel, it will be stamped "recieved in damaged condition". It will also be sealed either by plain scotch-tape or placed in a plastic apology bag. It will not be delivered in that kind of condition.

Mail carriers do not want to be accused of rifling through their customers mail, they will hand off damaged parcels to either their supervisors or a clerk to be 'patched-up' before delivering the article.

In your case it's obvious you have a nosy (and careless) apartment manager.

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