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My friend sent me a package from Arizona. Cost 41 bucks.

They said it would take about 7 days. On day 10 I went to the PO after still not receiving it. The tracking said it departed the distribution center at 0330 hrs that morning. The PO is 2 miles from the distribution center.

And didn't find it's way until the next day--11 days.

I had asked the clerk to call the distribution center to see if something could be done. She refused. Saying they probably won't know where it is.

She could have at least pretended to call or made some kind of effort.

Although I didn't end up losing any money, it delayed me in receiving it and pissed of folks who were counting on it.

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The customer service at Bangor is terrible. My son was expecting a package containing one of his books for college.

Mail carrier never attempted to deliver the package because my son's "name was not on the mailbox." Simply sent the package back. When my son went to the post office to get some help, he was given a number to call with a push out the door.

Has tried to call the number several times and gets no answer. Terrible, terrible customer service.

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