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A relative from Florida was shipping an urgent package to Pennsylvania for me. We agreed on the guaranteed one day shipping because of the urgency.

The package includes very expensive merchandise, so I kept a close eye on the website via the tracking number. When I saw this morning "processed through sort facility, Harrisburg, PA", I was pleased that it had at least reached our capital city. I expected it today and had everything planned around that. When the mail had come, no package, I waited and checked the tracking number - same status as before.

After numerous calls and waiting, I finally spoke with an indignant excuse for a human, who told me "There's nothing we can do for you." I said, "Well, it was guaranteed shipping, and it's nearby. Can we pick it up at the local post office?" and he said no, so I said "Well how about an estimated date of delivery?" He ignored me, saying, "There is nothing else we can do for you. Goodbye." and hung up.

Won't be doing business with them ever again.

I'd sooner use UPS and email instead of USPS. I hope they fail miserably and Obama ends them for good.

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