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Priority Mail Express is good - costs about 4 times as much, but the package gets there on time. Regular priority mail used to be good - I could usually count on the 2-3 day delivery time - but the last two experiences have been horrible.

Package mailed to me in Rockwall TX from Navasota TX (2 1/2 hour drive). Went from Navasota to Houston (normal), Houston to Coppell (normal), back to Houston (wait, what?), Houston to Conroe, Conroe to Houston, Houston to Coppell, Coppell to Houston, Houston to Conroe, Conroe to Houston, Houston to Coppell, Coppell to the Rio Grande Valley, Rio Grande Valley to Coppell . . .

I finally went to Coppell and sat in their office until they went to the floor to find the package. Now I have one sent from Rockwall TX to Denver CO. Went from Rockwall to Coppell, Coppell to Denver, Denver to Coppell . .

. Supposedly both of these packages were caught in a "looping exception" - which means that the package is properly addressed, but the computer thinks it needs to go to a different address. So the package gets to a sorting facility, where it automatically goes to the wrong local post office for delivery . .

. then the delivery person sees the actual address and sends it back to the sorting facility, and the facility sends it back to the wrong local office, etc., etc. until somebody intervenes. First package took 3 weeks.

I am on it quicker this time - hopefully can get it straightened out sooner. A regular first class mailing will likely get delivered much sooner than the "Priority Mail."

Product or Service Mentioned: Usps Priority Mail Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I have similar problems with them, once they get your money you are screwed. It takes over 10 days to get anything from them and then you're lucky.

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