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Here's my story: I ordered something on September 1st from Hong Kong, expecting it to take quite a while. I check the shipping, and it says it should be delivered by September 4th.

Sweet! that's some fast shipping right there! I checked it on September 3rd and it said it made it through customs. The next day at 3:50 PM it said that it arrived at the USPS facility.

Awesome! Gonna be on time. Then it said at about 6:00 pm it left from the USPS facility to come to my home. Perfect.

Right on time, right? Doesn't show up. Hmm... that's odd, it said it left.

Whatever, I'm sure it will come tomorrow. Tomorrow comes... and goes. I am angry by this point and assume it was lost.

I waited until today. Now I am very, very angry. It never came and probably never will come. I looked it up and the USPS facility is only 15 MILES AWAY!

It has been over 51 hours since it said my package left. Let's do some math. 15 miles divided by how many hours: 51. 15/51 = about .3.

So unless their trucks go slower than .3 miles per hour, there's gonna be a problem. Picture uploaded for proof.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $105.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Florida, United States #868038

According to the media you uploaded, the item was returned to the sender. That would be why it hasn't gotten to you yet; it's not even going to you anymore, it's going back to Hong Kong.

to Will #868270

The thing that confused me was that it said that then it said that it left for my house. I contacted the company that I bought the item from though.

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