Clayton, Georgia
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It's shipping from Atlanta, GA which is an hour away from my house. It has

not arrived yet for some reason. I am very angry.

It was expected for shipping on July 20. When I went to track my package on USPS, that was what it said. It did not say that it is shipped or what time it shipped.

Finally eight days letter, it said that it left the Atlanta sorting facility, and it is in transit. How long does it take for a package to get to my house when it is shipped an hour away from my house!

This is ridiculous! I am not buying from USPS again! The tracking information is not detailed or helpful!

USPS should improve its tracking system! I do not know where my package is now! I am angry because I have to have my package soon for homeschooling.

Never again!

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I am trying to find the name of the sender of a package which didn't arrive yesterday but UPS said it was coming.

Longwood, Florida, United States #1239780

I ordered a package on Oct. 28 from Philadelphia and I live in Florida. While the package says that it's out for delivery, it's been like this for over four hours and I'm honestly losing my temper and my patience.


I'm expecting a package. They left a note for redelivery.

I scheduled it for a Saturday, it never arrived. I called customer service and they rescheduled it for wensday. And still nothing.

I'm very pist. I want my straightener.


Never using USPS AGAIN! I ordered a package from china and it has been stuck at California since the 22nd.

It took 3 days for china to deliver it, including the acceptance, however, for some reason they cant move a *** package out of one state in less than 10 days? I payed $10 for this completely useless shipping.




Processed Through Sort Facility

ISC LOS ANGELES CA (USPS), US 1/28/2016 10:00 AM Departed USPS Facility - Your item departed our USPS facility in LOS ANGELES, CA 90009 on January 28, 2016 at 10:00 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

LOS ANGELES, CA, US 7:59 AM Arrived at USPS Facility LOS ANGELES, CA, US Completely absurd.. 10 bucks for this package to stay in one state for longer than a week is ridiculous.

to Anonymous Waynesboro, Virginia, United States #1200788

It's not stuck. It's in Customs.

Customs isn't the USPS.

USPS can't control how long it takes for an item to clear customs.

Get over yourself.

to Anonymous #1379074

oh shut up


I'm very upset the package tracking says that it should be you Saturday January 16th today is January 19th it also says my package it should be delivered today well it wasn't this is the second time it is only coming from Georgia I have gotten packages from California in two days figure that one out

Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya #1052366

I am having the same issue..Mine the flight departed NEW YORK and never landed since 5 days ago


I was supposed to get a Package from USPS on the 7th of this month. It shipped from Canada to me (I live in Texas). I guess I will never receive my Package or my Mail.


I am having the SAME problem but mine has been over 40 days to get my k12 computer! Its REDICLIOUS!


I hate USPS I never received my package at all when it said already delivered on July 30, 15 I was upset cause I didn't ever receive it.. Never again will they do this to me.. It's been a month :(


Its been almost 30 days no fn package i need a computer good ole usps at it again.Think its on a canoe on its way perhaps.


I ordered a package from California and I live in New Jersey. It's been over a week and it still hasn't come.

I wish the website I ordered from had UPS on it.

UPS is the best for packages. They usually always come on time.


I don't know why USPS makes it a habit to have their heads up their ***. Yes, it is their fault if they say that your package will be there on a certain date and its late.

They can't even provide a reasonable explanation for it being late. How is it that a package I order from the UK or China can get here in less than a week, yet two coming in from California, (to Colorado), happen to be late as *** and can't be tracked from their last post?

No one knows. I could have driven to California and picked it up myself faster than this ***.

Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States #998252

i still haven't received my package i order it on the 4 this month and it still hasn't arrived


I ordered a from eBay. It's coming from Los Angeles via usps.

I've been checking the tracking number to see when it'll arrive here on the east coast.

Not only has it not updated in three days but it's supposed to arrive today. They've already delivered my mail today and still no package.

to lilith.manson66613 #989078

I am in very similar situation, what was the result with you?


My package virginia where i live and gave it to georgia usps and they had it for two days and haven't excepted or delivered it yet I'm getting pissed off im going to us ups next time

Denver, Colorado, United States #912241

I ordered a video game from eBay and USPS, did not even give me a tracking number. This is ***! From now on, if I order something, i'm going to make sure it's UPS

Harrisburg, North Carolina, United States #879289

Your really need to calm down. First off there the people that work at USPS are humans, people just like you and me. Mistakes can be made, weather can delay as well as high package volume.

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