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I post an Item worth $400 via USPS First-Class International Service. I post it on 16th October 2015 but still Item is Not Delivered to My Friend.

Last Update is on 20th October in Chicago,IL & it says your Item is still in Transit to the Destination.

I used USPS First-Class International Service few more times previously to send out Items worth about $250 in that times USPS Departed my Package out from USA in Jamaica,NY & those Items Received to him within 7-10 days. But this time Parcel is sent to Chicago Facility to Depart but I don't know what is the Reason for that ??

And also it's near 4 Weeks after Last Tracking Update on USPS Site. But Item Never Received to My Friend !

Can anyone know why this happens ??

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. brusery is quite happy with low price and stated that there is a room for improvement of poor tracking and chicago sort facilitys poor service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss problem with delivery of usps mail service and associated monetary loss in the amount of $400. Usps needs to have the product delivered according to poster's claims.

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Knoxville, Iowa, United States #1152076

call the local postmaster and tell him your gonna complain to the state postal inspector, works like a charm


First class international does not show tracking beyond the United States, except to a few countries. Does your tracking number begin with the letter L?

That's a customs form number, not a tracking number. Chicago is one of the customs locations in the US. All you will be able to see is that last scan.

Your package cleared customs in the US and has left the country. There is no way to find out where your package is now or why it hasn't been delivered yet.

to Anonymous #1067074

I have the Problem with Chicago Facility because all my other Items left US from Jamaica, NY & those arrive to Destination within 5-7 days but I think Chicago Facility is keeping up my Item !!

to brusery #1069378

Customs is in Los Angeles, Chicago, Jamaica, and Miami. There's no way to predict which customs Depot a package will go to.

FCMI does take, on average, 6-10 business days to reach the destination country.

But again, without a tracking number, no way of finding out any more information about your package. It cleared customs here and has left the country.

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