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Mail person from Santa Margarita, CA post office is too lazy to insert mail all the way into the mail box, leaving it hanging out in plain view for thieves to nab. I have an oversize mailbox with a standard delivery door, and if the mail person can not stuff all mail, catalogs, and soft pack packages through the door an one time, they just get mad and leave it hanging out.

Unfortunately, the USPS could care less. I guess that's no surprise.

I am documenting and building a case for damages should it occur! I have plenty of pictures.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usps Delivery Service.

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You're the loser "matt" - look at the size of the opening, it's high enough that his mail will all fit just fine. Even that white bag would have fit if they'd put it in by itself rather than stuffing a 6 inch high stack of mail in the slot for anyone to walk by and steal.

You're either a troll trying to make people mad or you actually work for USPS. I suspect the former.

There is no excuse for this but I know that USPS is like crooked cops or dirty cops, they protect each other when they're doing wrong. If stuff does come up missing you'll have no luck getting reimbursement.

Even if it was insured by the sender if tracking shows "Delivered" they will refuse to reimburse the sender or you and there's nothing you can do about it. I suggest you call and complain until this stops happening (ask to speak to the manager or whoever is in charge), go to the post office in person with your photos and speak to the manager (tell them this is unacceptable!) and tape a note near the box saying DO NOT LEAVE MAIL HANGING OUT OF THE MAILBOX!.

to USPS ***ks Odessa, Texas, United States #1269334

Ask if the box meets postal regulation. It doesn't seem to. Go to Lowes & gettcha one that does


Get a bigger box...u must have no life to take a pic and put this online....loser!!

to Matt #893110

lol matt

they state that they have a bigger door for over-sized mail

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