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Are carriers required to attempt knocking on an addressee's door in an apartment complex when delivering a basic priority mail package that's too big for the box?

I had the same carrier for over a year who always knocked and gave me my package. (I'm home all day, every day.)

Recently a new carrier took over who hasn't bothered knocking, but goes strait to to the box and puts a "Sorry we missed you" slip in it, telling me I can pick up the package at the leasing office.

They obviously didn't "miss" me, and this causes me a substantial inconvenience.

Is this allowed? (i.e. was I spoiled by the previous carrier going the extra mile,) or is my new carrier just being lazy?

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The carrier isn't lazy.Since u are home all day seem's as though u are the one lazy.


U are very spoiled.The mail carrier has a large amount of mail just think how long his or her day would be if they had to knock on everyone's door to deliver a over large package.Go to the USPS office and pick up your package.

to Pam #1589143

They’re not spoiled! The mail carrier’s JOB is to knock before leaving a “we missed you” notice.

My brother in law just retired from many years as a mail carrier and he’d definitely agree with me.

That’s like saying that it’s spoiled to expect a waiter to wait on you because they have other customers. It’s their job!!

to B Hunter #1594736

Nope, wrong. A PS form 3849 in the mail box is only required.

to Pam #1594735

Thanks Pam, spot on.


I often send "Priority Mail" packages to my parents in suburban Yonkers, New York. The carrier never rings their door bell.

I have the package tracked so I know when it is being delivered. My parents are elderly and are home all day. The package would sit all day and overnight if I did not contact them. It takes a second to ring the door bell.

I live on the 3rd floor of a elevator building in Florida. Any carrier that delivers to me knocks on my door to alert me that a package is being dropped off.


My mail delivery guy is lazy ..twice I caught him pulling away from my mail box while standing in my driveway...he had packages for me and was never gonna deliver them to me because his is lazy I have two complaints about him to my post office and people working there thought it was funny I did not...he should be fired and replaced with someone who appreciates a job like that..

to Anonymous #1594740

If he was so lazy as you claim why even carry the parcels with him all day long? Could of issued a 3849 & left them in the parcel pick up area at the PO.


The real problem here is that you are “home all day, every day.” You are probably getting depressed and this is leading to your frustration over little details such as the mail man knocking or not. Get a hobby and start enjoying life.

to Anonymous #1498446

this destructive comment has no place here

to Anonymous #1517409

That has nothing to do with anything nie it answers the question lol you get a life

to Peter #1609623

Maybe this person is disabled or works from home. Maybe you need to get a life instead of trolling.

to Mike #1609625

That was for "Anonymous" btw.


I got so tired of it that I filed a complaint through the USPS to Consumer Affairs and I'm leveling charges of mail tampering/mail fraud. There's more involved to it than what's posted here but I'm posting this here because I too have been going through this nightmare and I am sick of it.

Contact the USPS.gov direct and tell them that you want to file a complaint about mail tampering/mail fraud and that you want a case number. Mine was passed to Consumer Affairs within 2 days of placing my complaint.

Newton, New Jersey, United States #1276213

I have the same problem in West Orange, NJ. The women will not leave her mail truck for any reason.

If there is a package that is signature required, she will not attempt to get a signature at the door. She will falsely leave a PS Form 3849 in the mailbox claiming “You were missed” without even attempting to ring the doorbell or knock on the door of my home. There have been several times where I was home anticipating a package being delivered only to find a PS Form 3849 in the mailbox stating there was an attempt to deliver the package. I usually pay a premium to have packages expedited.

I have to wait an extra 3 days until I receive a package due to her pure laziness.

I plan on complaining to the local Post Master about this.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #1218358

yes this is allowed the carriers are not paid to nor required to knock on anyones door for anything at all except for items requiring a signature

to Anonymous #1550505

What if my item only requires a signature and they still don't knock?


some carriers are above and beyond the normal average service worker.but others dont play well with others

Clayton, North Carolina, United States #1205956

I am having the same problem at my apartment in NC- I called the main customer service line to report this complaint and to ask what the policies are for delivering packages. They said that mail carriers are supposed to bring the package to your door if you live no higher than the 2nd floor.

I keep getting those orange "attempted delivery" slips in my mailbox even though I KNOW no one attempted to deliver to my door because I was home. Oddly, the section on the back of the orange slip where you sign/ ask for redelivery etc has a big X through it. I've never seen that before- and I've lived lots of places.

Good luck.

File a formal complaint. Maybe the more they receive, the more they'll care about better service.

Greenville, South Carolina, United States #1205089

Okay I actually don't really mind them not knocking. I don't even mind, since I'm an apartment dweller, it being left in the clubhouse or leasing office.

However, if you don't knock and you do drop the package, at least have the common decency to leave me a receipt that I had a package dropped. I had 6 packages in a row dropped at my clubhouse, and I guess the carrier thought I had ESP.

Lazy effers. I wish USPS had some sort of competition out there, but this is what happens when you have no competition and a monopoly.

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