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I sent two brand new sets of headlights off to get customized and when the shop received my headlights they sent me a picture of my boxes and headlights. one of my boxes looked like it had been to war in Afghanistan.

The box that was all beaten up also had a broken headlight and the other one was perfectly fine. Which leads me to believe that they wanted to see what was in the box. Also my boxes clearly read fragile all over the boxes!

The worst part about it is nothing can be done because i did not purchase insurance. I did not believe that my package would go through *** and back just to get to California!

Monetary Loss: $346.

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Florida, United States #862606

If you're sending something that is fragile, it needs to be packed so that it can go through *** and back and still be fine; writing fragile on the box does nothing. I can't comment with full confidence because I can't see what rating on the box is, but it looks like those boxes are ECT-32s or lower.

That is to say, that they are boxes meant for palletized shipping, not individual shipping. Actually shipping boxes have a bursting test rating, usually of 200 pounds or above.

Also, based on the damage, it looks like there was empty space in the package. That's going to cause issues every time, because it allows whatever's inside to move around and damage itself and the box.

Also, the second picture makes it look like there aren't any peanuts in the package, which is also a must, especially on anything fragile. Lastly, you should probably be happy that you didn't insure it, because they wouldn't have paid the claim if it were packed incorrectly.

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