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No idea why we bother to pay taxes to offset the miserable and unnecessary services of the USPO. WE DO NOT NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

let us do what is done in a FUNCTIONING country--do away with ALL BUT ONE post office nationwide and have stations in grocery stores or gas stations.

Frankly, go to ***--we mailed a document regarding our life savings--it never reached the addressee and now we have to spend time and money on recovering our life savings.

an example of the uselessness of USPO--you require 100 words input--why?

do you have idle time to read that much when all that one needs to say can be summarized in LESS than 100 words. Fie on you

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Hey c u n t,

First off, it is USPS, not USPO. Secondly, since you claim is was your life savings, did you send it registerd mail? (Not certified mail, but rather registered mail. Most redneck idiots like yourself can't tell the difference).

I guarantee you were too cheap to pay the postage for registered mail. And if you did, prove it by posting the registered tracking # here. No personal info is attached with USPS barcodes.

Cheap c u n t.

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