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They bring mail around 8-9 am before anyone on this street is open. We can't get our packages .

They won't even bring it out for delivery , they just fill out the notices (if your lucky) and bring those . They won't do redeliveries . No 2nd or 3rd attempt . I filled complaints .

Called bosses . Nothing . When I finally went to stand in line to get my package one morning , they had 3 tellers. One did a passport the whole time (about 30 minutes in line) .

The other was waiting for Steve to come back and log out. The 3rd was trying her best to keep things moving . There are 2 post offices closer to me (one less than a block away) , but we are forced to go to the main post office at 143 and Biscayne. While waiting in line I saw more people with packages park and walk up and see the long line and turn around and leave .

20 to 30 people gave up . I hit me at that point , THEY WANT USE TO NOT USE THE POST OFFICE ! They still get paid ,benefits , retirement and less problems they more people they can make avoid the USPS . The front of the white counters all had yellow stains that looked like a dirty urinals.

It seems like they really are trying their best to make people leave unhappy and to never return. OK so I order parts for my repair business using Fed-ex and UPS . But no Fed-ex and UPS deliver to the USPS to save money , not to me! So I still can't get packages !

Do I sue them ? Do I tell my customers to order their own parts because USPS won't deliver ? Do I go out of business ? I will post my experience here .

The 800 275 8777 people are very nice . They can't believe what is going on down here . They have to leave E-mails and wait for replies before the complaints go further . This can take weeks .

David might call you back , or his boss Phil but they will give you excuses about people wanting checks in the mail in the morning . They don't care that over half the route can't get packages . I was going to follow the carrier (Sandra) around one morning to learn the route , then come back with a petition later in the day when they are open . But after standing in line that day I came to believe that they don't care , that they want it this way .

Next step ? Call the local TV stations and see if they can find out how wide spread this is . There are some good hard working people at the USPS (Cal) but it really seems that they have learned how to avoid a lot of the people that count on them.

I have to laugh at the TV adds about the post office working for us , you . Maybe I could film the lines and add a video ?

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The most disappointing in user's experience was no package delivery. Author liked the most how nice the lady on the phone was. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Spent hours on the phone again 305 470-0890 Consumer Affairs ... 1st call 1 hr.

waiting ... got nice lady that said she is the only one working and was sorry for the long wait ... filed complaint again ... got 3 way call with supervisor ...

bottom line they said open at 9 am or sorry but your sol ... they won't do businesses later ... they wont change the route ... they wont pay Sandra overtime to come back when everyone is open ....

Stuck in their bs *** .... I asked if I can go up the chain to postmaster general ... they said it will just come back to them , still sol ....

I told them this is why people go postal .... they don't like that terminology ...

some if not most of the people there really are nice and want to give good customer service ... so I can't go stand in line with a big sign saying usps sucks ... or yell at the tellers ... its not their fault ....

I want to! but won't .... *** ...

what do I do ?

go out of business ... hire a morning girl ...

drive across town , past 2 closer post office to stand in line 30 minutes every time I order something? wtf ....


Well its friday 1-15-16 . Still waiting on 12-22-15 package delivery ...

If not open at 9am then you gotta get your packages ... no delivery ... resposes here are from e-mails sent to usps ... they are only sending form letter responses about addresses being incorrect and tracking packages ...

they won't respond to the real question of delivery after 9 am ! so I put a call in to the post master today ... only got voice mail and left a short version of whats going on here in north Miami beach . Again we have had 3 subs doing Sandra's route and all 3 brought boxes in the afternoon .

I even got one! and I thanked him profoundly for delivering it. but of course not the one from 12-22-15 .. Next tv stations ?

Stand in line with a big sign saying how crazy-lazy+unbelievable this usps is ? maybe with phone # for people who are mad as *** to call ... customer service is 30 minutes on hold ... I see now why people go postal ...

customer service won't help either ... nor will filling complaints ...

whats left ... aaaarrrrrggggggggg.........

Miami, Florida, United States #1094060

HELLO , is this a real person? you are talking about an incorrect address .

I'm talking about my carrier that won't even bring the package out for delivery , just a notice of delivery attempt. I have traced the package .. at post office ... I have ordered redelivery ..

they refuse! ...HELLO are you reading this? there is no problem with the address ... there is a problem with my carrier Sandra and her boss david and his boss phil ...

they tell me if I'm not open at 9am then I am sol and must drive across town and stand in line 30 minutes EVERY TIME I order anything. This is your official policy? can you answer this? can you fix this?

thank you for anything you can do ( besides the form responses about addresses and tracking)


From: "eCustomerCare National"

Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2016 1:12:04 PM

Dear Postal Customer, I regret learning of the inconvenience you have experienced.

Unfortunately, we are unable to track or trace an item without a tracking or confirmation number. Please call our office at (305) 470-0890 and provide a valid tracking or confirmation number for further assistance. Mail sometimes is deposited with an incomplete or incorrect address. At other times, mail is addressed to a physical location that is not a valid delivery point.

Although processes exist to improve address quality, Postal employees work diligently to deliver that mail unless the mail piece specifies other delivery instructions. The objective is not to return or dispose of mail unless it is absolutely necessary. The local knowledge of our carriers and clerks often helps with a successful delivery. Use of a complete, accurate, and legible address allows mail to be delivered efficiently and in the shortest time.

During automated sortation of mail, the absence of a complete address will hinder delivery of your mail. Also, mail is often processed at facilities distant from the delivery address with no local knowledge. When there is uncertainty about the correct address, we believe it is better to return the mail to the sender, rather than risk delivery to the wrong address.

Thank you for contacting the United States Postal Service. Christina Consumer Affairs South Florida District


Tracking # won't help as North Miami Post Office won't redeliver ... no 2nd or 3rd attempt ...

I finally got a call back from customer service and we 3 way called the boss over there ... he said that if I'm not open at 9 am then I must go get my own packages . He will not allow carrier to deviate even 1 day a week to bring packages to businesses . They do all businesses before residential (most are closed at 9am) .

I tried for redelivery 1st ... customer service said it didn't go through ... yellow flagged? ...

So next I was going to call the post master to try to tell them to deliver packages down here . But today a new carrier came by later in the day with a package . he knew to come when people are open ... 2 other carriers came by last week with packages for others (but not mine from 12-22-15) ..

all came later in the day ... I talked to them ... they all seem to want to do the right thing and do it! the last one said if he gets the route again wed.

that he will look for and bring the nov. box. Problem solved ..?.. until I get another package when my regular carrier is not on vacation ...

then it all stats again ... try to get redelivery ... customer service ... file complaint ...

wait for call back ... etc ... this *** must change ... it seems david and phil won't tell Sandra to deliver her packages ...

her bosses ... so I wait till wed. and see if not I'm calling the post master to try to fix this once and for all ... Again all the other carriers seem to put customer service 1st ...

all except Sandra ....also this is going on pi**ed ...


Sent: Monday, January 11, 2016 1:00:57 PM

Subject: Response to your recent inquiry (Case ID 126504564) (KMM33899086V35252L0KM)

Dear Postal Customer,

I regret learning of the inconvenience you have experienced. The Postal Service is aware of the frustration and disappointment caused when we do not live up to our commitment of safe and reliable mail service. Unfortunately, we are unable to track or trace an item without a tracking or confirmation number.

Please call our office at (305) 470-0890 and provide a valid tracking or confirmation number for further assistance.

Thank you for contacting the United States Postal Service. Consumer Affairs South Florida District


USPS consumer complaints called back .. they couldn't get the post office to answer their phone ...

so I gave them David's # ... we did 3 way conference call .

1 Your Business must be open at 9am if they come . You must go across town and stand in line 30 minutes to get your deliveries every time you order something if your not open at 9am when they come.

2 Carriers can not deviate from their routes to bring boxes later when everyone is open.

3 They deliver to business 1st then homes.

So the business will be closed and must get their own packages.

This must change if they want no problems ... 1:30pm yesterday I saw a carrier go past my window with arms full of boxes ... I ran out and asked where is mine from 12-22-15 ... he didn't know ...

I asked why he is doing Sandra's route ... she didn't come in so he took it over that day and saw boxes and knew the business are closed so he mixed it up and did houses 1st ...then business ... smart guy ... he could get in trouble for doing the right thing but wanted to do the right thing and did ...

This must change ! What does it take to get things right? David said if I go with petition to other business and get enough to show over 1/2 are closed at 9am ... they might review it ...

walk the route ... make it a new route ... I could take months (talk about overtime) ... why not just tell the carriers to get the stuff delivered like the temps know to do ...

OK so what it comes down to again is they run these cute snicker doodle commercials ... catch phrases .. and other ways to try to get people to use the usps ... and spend a lot of money on it ...

then they refuse to let carriers deliver when business are open ...overtime fears ... they see more people leave without coming in after seeing the long lines everyday ... lost business ... so everyone will not choose usps ...

but now you can not avoid using them as amazon prime,fedex,ups all go through them. So part of USPS spends a lot of money advertising to get your business the other part gives bad service and long lines to make sure you don't give them your business. We are all stuck in the middle of this mess .

FIX IT ! Spend the money on more people and better delivery service.

to Anonymous #1091626

About noon Saturday a carrier came by ... I asked where's my box from 12-22-15 ...

he said I have to pick it up across town myself .. I asked about redelivery .. he laughed and said they don't do that anymore .. you are not open at 9 am you must get your own deliveries ...

I can't believe no one else is upset about this ... I can't stay in business this way ... I need parts to fix computers .. everything is on the net now ...

We all pay for delivery not delivery at 9 am or no delivery . TV stations ... Stand in line with big sign when I get my boxes (I already bring a fold up chair) . What to put on the sign?

USPS sucks? call hmmm whose # to complain about this *** . We started out open 9-5 but our customers could not get here so we went 10-6 and it was good for customers but hard to get packages ... that's when this *** all started.

now I see why people go postal . this is very frustrating with no hope in sight ... 25 years in business here in same place in north Miami beach ... Maybe time to give up ...

How can I get even with them? who do I get even with? maybe email fedex ups amazon prime and tell them what the usps does to people and businesses that are not open at 9am ...

at least the weekend is here .. time to try to forget about this bs for a while ...

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