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Reading all the review by other customers made me feel a little bit better about myself and my situation, because my experience with the local USPS office in Bedford, TX has been very similar like others and the worst part is that you try to complain to a supervisor or USPS online and and they treat you even worse. It makes you feel completely helpless.

My experience started 2 months ago when I was overseas for 3 weeks, my mailbox got full and the delivery person by the name of Pamela left a note that my mail will be held at the postal office because I am not emptying my box. I removed all the coupons and brochures that they stuff my mail box with and left a new sticker with my name (it s an apartment complex) . for 5 days in a row we were playing the same "game" with that individual - I put a sticker with my name, next day she removes it and put one stating "unclaim" and refuses to deliver my mail. Really?

Is that a normal person. I went to their office , spoke to a supervisor and he made me fill a form so they can start deliver my mail again, meanwhile all the mail for past 4 weeks have been returned to sender. As most of you know in the apartments there is an area wih all the mailboxes, and many people just throw around all that coupons, advertisements, brochures etc. A week ago I have a not in my mailbox from that person saying to" stop throwing my mail on the ground or I will return ALL your mail to sender.

I AM NOT YOUR MAID!" - word for word. I went to USPS local office spoke a supervisor, he acted all serious about it, and next day - my new name sticker is removed again and no mail . The supervisor's name was Bobby (Mitchel ? Chad?

or something). He assures me that will naver happen again, untill next when my latest sticker is removed again and note saying " ALL mail is held at P.O - per Bobby whoever". I went looking for Bobby. He was hiding all day from me, turning down my phone calls and finally responded apologizing saying tomorrow I ll get my mail delivered.

Today I got another one of my name stickers scratched from the mailbox, and no mail. Bobby is hiding again, but another supervisor answers my phone call and starts yelling in phone that she knows "all about" my situation, and they are not going to deliver my mail till I stop throwing stuff on the ground, literally acting like a drunk person, won't let me speak and threatens me with the police ??!!!! Fro what - she doesn't know either. when I was able to ask her - how could I throw mail on the ground when my mail is not being deliver for the past week, she responds that she sees the pictures...?????

I submitted many complains on the usps site last month, with no luck hearing from them, I ve complained to the inspector general with no luck either. today is poke to somebody from USPS consumer affairs and supposedly they "will see and investigate". This is USPS , our federal government postal service. I don't know what are the qualifications for that department, but they definitely need to start doing polygraphing and psych evaluation.

I am just speechless. This is outrageous!

Review about: Usps Mail Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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"I was overseas for 3 weeks" Grow up!! If you're adult enough to travel, you're adult enough to simply have your mail held at the post office while you're gone.

It's not that hard. Just how much mail do you think will fit in a box. Once again, grow up and police your own mail box. Also, please do not reproduce.

Go... I must work for (insert company).

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