Warrendale, Pennsylvania

Had correct address in Erie, PA on a flat rate priority mail USPS box.

Mailed package, it arrived in Warrendale, PA processing facility.

It sat there 3-4 days. Then it was returned to me completely empty - with a slit and tape on end.

The post office never attempted to deliver the package to Erie, PA even though it had the correct address on it. I filed a claim and received refund for contents, but the postal service does not refund you for the cost of mailing the item. Therefore, I am out the cost of mailing a box that had the contents stolen and was returned to me empty. And it was a Valentines package to my 85 year old mother!

I filed a report also with the Inspector General's Office who I hope will investigate this facility. Attached is a photo of the box with tape on it and covering the slit where box was opened.

Review about: Usps Mail Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Hays, Kansas, United States #1351312

USPS in Warrendale, PA should be investigated. I had a package to be sent to me that originated in Ohio then went directly to Warrendale, PA and I live in Kansas! As of today, it's been 14 days and no package and tracking had stopped at Warrendale.

Butler, New Jersey, United States #1189849

I originally went to see where Warrendale, PA was on Google and then couldn't help but see all the bad ratings this facility has! Now tell me logistically if this makes any sense,I ordered a book off of Amazon, and the origin facility was Hudson, MA about 3 1/2 hours Northeast of me(I live in Northern NJ) then it was sent to Warrendale, PA which is 6 hours West of me!

It says it left there yesterday so hopefully I have no problems but I've seen where people have had the same package go back and forth to that facility. Reading these reviews of that place isn't very reassuring!


I have a package that was getting shipped from Missouri to Pennsylvania by USPS. For some dumb unknown reason the package went to Alaska where it was in limbo for 3 days finally gets back into the states to Warrendale Pennsylvania where it has sat for 6days.

And i still don'thave my package or an update. All you hear on the news, radio, Internet, and social media that's USPS is in trouble I wonder why.

USPS YOU SUCK! And I hope you get bought out by FEDEX or UPS , a company that knows logistics.


I have had a package sitting in Warrendale for 3 days and has not been delivered to Avon Lake, OH. What the heck is wrong with this postal "service"?

It is a Valentine's gift for my daughter and family so now will be late or may never arrive.

I am so angry! qn

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1067780

How is it possible that this facility is still operational after all of the issues they have? I live in Pittsburgh and dread when my packages arrive in Warrandale because I know they'll either arrive well past the delivery date or not at all!


Have had two packages stolen at the USPS Facility in Warrendale PA the last three weeks. Get tired of all the crying from the USPS about their situation. Get rid of the thieves or shut it all down.


I mailed a large package and the package was stolen at Warrendale PA USPS location. I also belive that employees are stealing packages.


the Federal Internal Affairs should be looking into the Warrendale, PA USPS location, since postal theft is a federal crime. I honestly believe that the employees are stealing packages and selling them via ebay through their own personal accounts and then shipping them free using the postal service at which they work.

The federal government needs to check this or maybe a private investigator for a very well known tv station could let the public know to use another avenue to mail their items. Maybe it is about time a whistle blower took action.

to Ready 2 Blow The Whistle #1152681

FBI should take care of this!!


I think the employees in Warrendale, PA are walking away with LOTS of stolen merchandise. I sent TWO packages postmarked for troops in Afghanistan and they BOTH disappeared from Warrendale.

They were securely taped with packing slips enclosed in plastic and taped to boxes. I was told by USPS that they "sometimes lose pieces of mail", but how do you lose TWO BIG BOXES at the same time?

It is common knowledge that LOTS of stuff comes up missing there, but nothing ever gets done about it. GRRRR!!!

to AC Hanover, Pennsylvania, United States #1223610

So this takes the cake, ordered something from an eBay seller, package was shipped a week ago via FedEx, mysteriously ends up in warrendales usps facility after a FedEx delivery was already scheduled a few days ago to me and there has not been an update in days.

to Anonymous Newport News, Virginia, United States #1251991

Same thing just happen to me

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