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I have come to learn that at various times the LA ISC becomes a black hole and packages just disappear. I often order art supplies from China, normally I get the packages within a week - and those usually go through the NY or Chicago ISC. I spent quite a bit of money on a product in Beijing. I was thrilled when it hit the US two days after it left China, but then I got the "processed through facility" at the ISC LA. It has been sitting there... Read more

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Never had a timely delivery from these clowns. Customer service is useless... local post offices never pick up the phone. What do you do when USPS claims the address on the package is incorrect... and it happens to be the building across the street!!! How do you deal with this horrible service? In the end, I always have to cancel my orders and request the sender use a real mail service... really anything other than USPS... shame on you guys Read more

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Since Oct. 1st 2015 USPS dont allow trace of packages of almost all Country over the world. Before all worked well. Really *** change. Hope they will go back so we all can track packages. This way I can not order products outside USA. Really bad change. Iam really pissed ! ! ! Details about this stupidity: Lets do all something so they go back to the normal system. Write... Read more

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  • Oct 03, 2015
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Here we go again with these idiots either losing items or stealing them.

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We have been receiving mail on the weekends. What doesn't work about that is the carrier is putting it under the door, and if it doesn't fit it is left outside the door. The bad news about mail under the door is that I have almost broke my neck and back slipping on it entering the suite. Good for you that I have good reflexes, however, I did need to see a chiropractor. We started putting a note up on Friday night about two weeks ago. So far,... Read more

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  • Jun 30, 2015
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South gate usps 10120 extremely rude, I came to pick up my package and they made me wait 20 minute, than they went inside for 20seconds come out telling me my package wasn't there when the pink slip said pick up on that date I came by

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A 15 Ibs 2-3 day Priority Mail package was mailed to our Beverly Hills Office on Sat. Jan. 23 from Virgina and only made it's way a few miles down the road to local USPS sort facility in Norfolk, VA before completely disappearing off the face of the Earth! Jan. 24th the package is tracked as departing Norfolk, VA ... But nothing there after. No tracking updates, no delivery, no trace. The fact that USPS was able to lose a 15 Ibs. 21" x 14"... Read more

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Ok, so here is exactly what happened. I found a key on ebay I wanted and bought it. It was $5.75 for USPS Priority 2-Day shipping, and it was the only choice. So, I get the email saying its been confirmed and the next day, shipped. It says it will be @ my place on Saturday, February 21, 2015 and was shipped on February 19, 2015. Well, thats 2 day shipping. I was waiting for the mail when finally the gal dropped it off. I looked for my package.... Read more

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It's not just Houston! I had the same problem in Los Angeles! It took ELEVEN DAYS to get a letter, a simple *$&*%& letter mailed from Sacramento, CA to me in Los Angeles, CA, a distance of about 400 miles. ELEVEN DAYS FOR GOD'S SAKES! This was a very important letter too. I was expecting this letter and it contained an important signature. I assumed, after 7 full days that 1) either the person did not send it or 2) it was lost.... Read more

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I am having a horrible and frustrating Time with USPS. We moved a year ago and we submitted a change of address form and untill today I pick up my mail from my old address with the yellow address forward stucker ... They have lost my mail so many times causing my perfect payment history to go in the trash and also they sent sent my mail to the previous owner of our house with a yellow sticker again and she lives in Hawaii ... How Incompetent can... Read more

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