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URGENT The Manager Dear Sir/Madam My small mail package is holding in Chicago IL 60701 from December 20th,2016,11:09 Pm. I also talk by phone with USPS customer service agent on 1/23/2017 and he gave me the Conformation number which is CA 131695563.Phone in not...
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I sent several packages via First Class Mail to international addresses. First, the local (94188) sort facility sat on them for days before scanning them as "accepted." Then they were scanned at 90009 at the end of November to the beginning of December. The online...
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  • Refused to take report on international mail sent
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My In-Laws sent us a package with DHL with candy, cosmetics, a homemade quilt, and our wedding photo book from Germany. We opened the package today and all of our items are gone. In place of what should be our wedding photos we have a huge wooden cigar box with wine...
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Three weeks, 3 Priority Mail packages, all last scanned, physically handed over at 94188. Reports submitted, vmail left with Consumer Affairs. Have not received a response from ANY of the complaints. ALL the missing pieces seemingly disappeared. Makes me wonder if...
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Anonymous I agree........I was talking to the postmaster at the Albion, PA location today that just made a call for another customer in regards to a "lost" package at the sorting facili...

They changed the mail route to my office at 151 Airport Rd Suite 105 Chattanooga Tn. Since I'm a small business I need my mail before 4:00 Our mail route was changed and I called to complain and the girl Danielle answered phone was rude and told me if I didn't like it...
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3 packages, including 2 Mother's Day gifts, scanned last at zip code 94188, the SAN FRANCISCO processing center. NO activity for 9-10 days. ALL A WEEK past USPS's stated "estimated delivery date." ALL reported to USPS as missing mail. PACKAGE 1 - Surfaced in...
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I sent five pieces of sensitive mailings recently using USPS certified mail and priority mail. In all of these instances I did not get what I paid for: Delivery confirmation (with certified mail also no signature proof). A couple of months ago I paid for priority...
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Believe me when I say go ahead and pay a little more for FedEX and UPS but avoid this these fecal matter. Never will they find my lost item. I spoke to an "investigating agent" over the phone today who really thought I might find it humorous once she tells me that...
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SO EXTREMELY PISSED TO THE POINT OF BLACKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!! These brainless roaches mis-scanned 2 items in the past 2 weeks which I never received. and now a 3rd is pending. 4 days have past and the item is sitting at the same facility. I refuse to do business with...
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I would like to bring to your attention the USPS post office supervisor Shirley Young at 150 Sutter Street, in San Francisco, CA 94108. Also please pay attention to all the reviews that she and her USPS office has online on They are tons of unhappy...
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almightyoz Well written & expressed.The Consumer Affairs office that serves 94108 can be contacted at:CONSUMER AFFAIRSUNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICEPO BOX 7834 SAN FRANCISCO CA 94120-7...