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I sent my Passport and my wife's Passport to an embassy in Washington DC from Austin Tx. I was sending our passports to an embassy in Washington DC to get our visas. I have to travel out of the country on April 2nd 2016 with the visa. Package was sent by Priority Mail Flat Envelop with Signature Confirmation. It was dropped off on March 8th 2016 in Austin Tx. Today is March 16th 2016. Package is no-where to be found. Tracking information...
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Anonymous I think I might have the same siuation as you, be cause I send out my pass port and my wife pass port to get visa. I express mail over nite a week later my mail is no where fo...

I didn't like
  • Losing packages
  • Lost package
  • Unreliable
The process for getting a passport from one of the local USPS companies is a NIGHTMARE! Online guides on how to apply for your passport direct you to each post office near you. Some locations have times listed and others have "By Appointment Only". I've gone to several locations only to get very rude and unhelpful service!! Every time you call(Does not matter the location) someone always says "Oh, We stopped doing that 10 minutes ago." After...
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I didn't like
  • Horrible service
  • Employees
  • Customer service
I mailed 2 packages on November 28th to my daughter in Hawaii that were to arrive on 12/11/14. One arrived on 12/15 weighing 10 pound less than the original weight. The other arrived on Christmas Eve. I spent 50 minutes on the phone to file a complaint on the items stolen from the United States post office and I was told I would receive a follow up which has never occurred. I have tried repeatedly to call again only to hear that they are...
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USPS delivery service Review

Austin Tx 78741: put mail on hold got 2 letters 1 pkg. in a week! Went back the next week there was no mail , but I know some agencies and Doctor ofc, has sent me mail! Took mail hold off on Monday and still no mail! Lost pkgs. important mail and most important life caring medications! Check mail box today Thursday 12/14 and still no mail! Where in the *** is my mail?
I've been waiting 2 weeks for a package and USPS have been "trying to deliver" it but my babe isn't on the lease after signing that little notice of all the people who live here they refuse to drop it off of asked if they can hold it at the post office and they have yet to hold it NEVER AGAIN am I usubg USPS if I'm ordering something and there shipping it I'm looking else where I refuse to have anything shipped by them ever again. *** you USPS I...
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I liked
  • That it was warm
I didn't like
  • Do not return calls
  • Postman
  • Horrible service
I sent an international package 3 months ago, but the package was never delivered. Today I called customer service again, and the woman was very unprofessional, she even hanged up on me. Her name was Angie. Angie is the third USPS representative I had in the past three months, the other two who answered my calls in december were not much better either. Based on my past experiences USPS is always a big disappointment. I don't know why they stay...
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abb94 Lucky you got a hold of somebody! I have called repeatedly only for the robot to tell me no agents are available


Anonymous she hung up on you. hanged means something else entirely.

My post office is like county jail. Loud, directive orders. Discourteous staff. Inefficient use of staff. The people make all the difference and, in this case, it was for the worst. What a horrible experience. Specifics in this case are not important. It's a government agency in a culturally diverse neighborhood run by staff who demonstrated the opposite of courteous service. This was my first time at this post office as I recently moved...
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bearskins ditto -- I was thinking the same thing about alternatives. Sent certified mail (not realizing that for E-mailed signature view I would have to pay extra) -- now I have to go ...


I have discovered the true meaning of the USPS. Its "Underworked-Severly overpaid-Personel-Service". I have never seen an agency that has so many over paid and under worked employees. Non of which can help you with anything concerning the mail service. They have lost 4 packages shipped internationally with their well advertised "Flat Rate" packages! When I call, I am told that Flat Rate packages have no tracking service and are not insured!! I...
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AAA USPS: "Underworked-Severly overpaid-Personel-Service". I agree and love it.

After shipping many, many packages from this location, I was unfortunate enough to meet the owner (I am assuming she was the owner by the way she acted). This Russian lady was SO incredibly rude to me, that I picked up my package and walked out... swearing never to return. I was merely dropping off a pre-paid USPS package and needed some tape to seal the box. She started patching 2" strips of tape on the 12" box...without even closing the...
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I'm just trying to get one little package delivered to me. Actually, the package is in one of the two parcel lockers within my mailbox. First, the mailman gave me the wrong key. It took me three days to get in touch with someone to correct that. Then the mailman left me the key, but didn't put the other key in the locker. Two keys are required. I've been trying all day to get through to them by phone but the phone is busy. I have...
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