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I have come to learn that at various times the LA ISC becomes a black hole and packages just disappear. I often order art supplies from China, normally I get the packages within a week - and those usually go through the NY or Chicago ISC.

I spent quite a bit of money on a product in Beijing. I was thrilled when it hit the US two days after it left China, but then I got the "processed through facility" at the ISC LA. It has been sitting there since the 17th of March (it is now the 29th). Looking around in different forums and posts it appears this has happened to hundreds of people just this month alone.

For some reason there is a glut of packages just sitting at ISC LA right now, and I am not seeing any updates of people actually receiving these packages.

And no one is getting help either, calls are never answered, no one has come forward from either USPS or ISC to say something went wrong and it's being worked on. It seems as if the whole place - full of our packages - has just disappeared.

Reason of review: non movement at ISC LA .

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: I would like the package delivered, everyone who has long stalled and lost packages to receive them, or an honest response as to why things are not moving out of this location..

I liked: Postal delivery people who work my area, Local post office, Regular mail carrier, Pleasant postmistress.

I didn't like: Isc la.

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14 days and no word...


7 days and nothing


27 days and counting ... No explanation.


10 days lost in ISC LA. Lawsuit? Stop Paying taxes to fund these dickheads.


I was trying to see where this place is at an came across this. I swear to *** god. If my *** gets lost I’ll be big mad.


I am awaiting a registered letter from Mexico. It has been in LA since April 28, 2018. Not long I know, but for me it's an eternity.


I have had a package there since march 20th with no movement as well!


Was talking to a friend of a friend at a get together a few months ago who chimed in when I was complaining about a lost incoming international package. He stated he worked for a while at LA ISC, and that there is a huge theft ring going on there.

Packages are put aside to be pilfered. If you look up missing packages and LA ISC, there seems to be an awful lot of packages that disappear out of there, and it's been going on for years. It's one facility. Where are they going?

It's obvious. And I guarantee USPS could not care less about it.


I think those sellers overseas should print up a bunch of fake Amazon stickers and place them all over packages being sent here. You think the USPS is going to screw with an Amazon Package?

I mean Amazon basically owns them with kickbacks and corruption. Packages would arrive on time and would not be held up.


Sitting there at LAX ISC for 10 days so far. Seems like China Post/USPS dates the tracking backwards from the point where it is to where it has been stopped.

8th LAX ISC, 9th leaving Korea, 10th being processed and shipping. I do not think it was returned and the speed of arrival to LAX ISC was fast (2 days) so it is not China Post's fault at all (ordered the 5th now the 17th).

The Post Office just needs to Privatize completely for efficiency and cost for services.

They treat their workers like crap anyway and anyone wanting to be hired are on indefinite Temporary Employee *** Loop. Probably why the mail is so slow while UPS and FedEx are real modern services that deliver quickly.


I've had a package there since 12/13/17 and as of 12/29/17 it's still there. Any chance of getting it anytime soon?

It's not right for the vender to have to refund my money when they did what they were supposed to. You were paid, now do your job and send me the stuff I paid for 6 weeks ago.

to mike sharp #1411444

Same just release everything. You've already ruined my gift. Thanks usps ics la.


To be honest the isc takes quite a long time to process mail, in most cases small parcels are neglected in a daily basis, in. Majority of cases small china parcels are hidden under processing machines and left forgotten, on behalf of lax isc we apologize for the inconvenience and for the delayed mail.

Hillsborough Township, New Jersey, United States #1318250

I've had a priority mail express package from Malaysia in LA ISC since March 21st, it's now April 20th and it still hasn't moved...

Tioga, Texas, United States #1307888

3 weeks and still no scan and still nothing after Arrival at LA Sorting Center


Today is 03-26-17 this is Total ridiculous non sense and this happens a lot in LA ! We have had most package arrive within 2 weeks time after getting / going through there / LA .

This one is more ridiculous then usual though .

They the USPS etc know about this problem and do nothing to fix it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This does not happen when our international post goes through NY or Fl it only happens in LA CA !!!!!

to Another happy Customer 99 #1424283

So, I think what Tracking was meant to say was your Package is at the LOST Angeles ISC.


A package has been in LA ISC in 1/22/17, Today is 2/13/17. 15 Business day.

It still in LA ISC. Every time I call the USPS service center. Same BS, Custom did not finish processing. I don't understand we paid ton of tax dollars for technology to Custom so they can improve our safety and speed.

I only able to see is only our tax dollars is safety on the employee pocket. But nothing increase the processing time.

to Anonymous #1440511

Did you get your package? I have the same issue.

I called they said it’s still at Customs. It’s a poster I ordered.


Package been there for over 2 weeks. Lady on the phone says they can hold it up to 45 days without any repressions so call back after that.

Mind blowing bad.

If anyone is curious on the difference between Government and Private sector look no further. I'll go thru UPS/Fedex for the foreseeable future.


Same here! Package arrived March 17th to ISC and today April 9th, it's out for delivery. The packages ARE still being delivered (but with a huge 20-30 day delay).

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