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Not that that's a new sentiment, but it seems more and more that the PO just PO's me. They tell us small businesses to use Click 'N Ship. Well, you can't use Click 'N Ship if you want to use First Class Mail. They want to higrade you online, so no First Class - Priority Mail (often at three times the cost) is the cheapest service you can buy. OK, so I go down to the PO. The parcel mailing apparatus usually is better than waiting in line for a clerk. So, I try that. NOPE! The machine is out of supplies. "Please use our service counter." And, the PO has been cutting back on hours of operation as well as staffing, so that just means longer waits.

Recently, I had two very similar experiences with Registered Mail. For the first one, I got an attempt to deliver notice. For the second one, I never got one and had to find out the letter was waiting for me from the sender when I asked if they had sent it. BOTH times the PO couldn't find the item .. this is Registered mail, mind you .... and told me they'd look for it and would call me. Of course, they never called either time. They found the first one; I'm still waiting on the second one.

And, then, of course, there just the plain old misdelivery of mail at my home. Our neighborhood is used to it, so we just take our neighbor's mail to them whenever we get it.

If Congress is so frickin' backed up because they can't agree on health care reform, why don't they focus on something everyone agrees is AFU and demand postal change? Clearly nobody would argue with that.

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