I ordered a gift this past Sunday and received the tracking info Monday evening, the package was sent Priority 2-day, meaning I would have it on Thursday. As of Thursday evening, I still had not received it. Even worse, the tracking info had not been updated in over 36 hours, and it's last scanned location was leaving the regional sorting facility Wenesday @ 4:30am. This sorting facility is about 40 minutes from where I live and the local post office, so it should have either been at the post office or delivered to me within that 36-hour time frame. So I decided to call their (lack of) customer service, only to wait for 20 minutes, then the call was picked up, but I was not greeted by anyone on the other end, instead, I got to listen to people talking in the background for another 10 minutes. Only then did someone answer my call where I mentioned that I was on hold for 30 minutes total, to which I was offered no apology, but rather a sort-of expressionless excuse. So I began to explain my issue only to be cut off by the man on the other end and again attempting to try to make excuses that "things happen" rather than offer any solution or course of action. Finally he asked if I wanted to do an "inquiry", to which I said yes. Then, I got hear this guy mumble/mutter words he was typing for this inquiry. Then he provided a confirmation code which I pretended to write down, because I already knew it wouldn't be worthwhile.

Then today I just happened to check the tracking again and discovered this. SEE IMAGE PROVIDED.

Yes, that is right, my package somehow ended up in New York, even though the sorting facility it left is only about 40 minutes away. The excuse now is that it was rerouted because of an error in the address or zip code. However, the order confirmation I received from the business I ordered from contained my correct address and zip code.

Now I get to wait and see how much longer this process will take before I receive my package from the USPS (Undoubtedly Seriously Pathetic Service).

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