Mailed 2 boxes to same address on the same day using Track and Confirm. Both boxes had 10 X 12 bright blue labels written on in Sharpie black pen.

I paid for PRIORITY MAIL for a 2-3 day delivery. USPS advertises this everywhere and charges more for it. Both boxes made it to Denver in 2 days. 1 box delivered to its destination the next day.

2nd box disappears. 10 days later, Track and Confirm says my box is in Maryland but no one can explain, nor can anybody find my box. I've called customers service 4 times. I've been told a "supervisor" will call me back, but so far no call.

My calls to customer service get a lot of I'm Sorry's but no action. USPS has taken my money, my property and gets away with it. At the very least, this is false advertising, fraud, a broken contract, and in my mind theft.

I'm out the $25 priority delivery (which I now learn is not guaranteed), the contents of my box, the time effort and money to put the box together and mail off. No more boxes in the mail EVER!

Review about: Usps Mail Service.

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any time you are supposed to send things to nigeria and you do not have confirmed family living there then it is a scam

nigeria is a thief heaven and the government there protects thieves and they call iran a terrorist country...at least with iran we know what they want and they are up front in telling you

Grimstad, Aust-Agder, Norway #21077

:( i sent out an item on 07/01/08 and paid over $120.00 fro shipping the next day i find out that the person i am sending this item to is a scammer so automatically i ran down to the post office to fill out a stop shipment form and was told that they had my item and it was stopped and that it should be back to me that following friday which is 07/04/08 but i fugured they wouldn't be open due to the holiday so i waited untill the following monday which is 07/07/08 and now it is in Nigeria this is *** i dont understand why they would tell me it will be there fro them just to ship it out anyway so now i am out over $1000.00

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