We sometimes get Express or Registered packages from family overseas that require signatures. But each time the USPS carriers would simply leave a peach-colored notice stating "sorry we missed you", without carrying the packages to our door him/herself.

My wife is a housewife and home all day. Among the three or four incidents happened so far this year, she WAS home all day each time. (Sometimes I was home as well if it was my off days.)

We have two puppies who would allert her if someone knocks on our door. (We don't have door bells.) But no, no one knocked on the door or attempt to physically deliver those (rather small but urgent) packages. He/she simply left a note for you to go pick up the parcel yourself.

This has happened three or four times so far. We've started recording the time and date this happened and photocopied the notices as evidence, too, in case we need to file an official complaint one day.

One time the notice we received was specified to be a "Final Notice" -- the package would be returned to the sender if we didn't pick it up within certain time frame. Yet it was the FIRST time ever we received notice about that particular package!

I suspect the USPS carriers were simply being lazy. But this has happened so many times it's becoming an annoying pattern. This also caused tremendous delays to the EMS parcels we were expecting, once more than five days due to weekend plus federal holidays!

Don't know where I should turn to about this. The Office of the Inspector General? Consumer Affairs? Heard too many horror stories that once you made a complaint, they'd start messing with your mail deliveries...

Too many misplaced mails in this university town as well. We've now switched our credit card and bank statements to paperless and said NO to soliciting mails.

Champaign, Illinois.

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If your carrier is a female and it's a heavier package, they won't even try to deliver it but will leave a notice about how you weren't home when they supposedly tried to deliver it. You have to call to reschedule a delivery and even then it's likely not to be delivered. My carrier told me her supervisor had to be the one to deliver it (he was a man) - and said that just after she had left the notice in my mailbox saying how sorry they were that I hadn't been home to receive the delivery.......


One day, I get a notice that USPS couldn't deliver my package because they couldn't access my mailbox. You know how you access the mailbox at my house?

walk up the steps and on to my porch. at the time that they were supposedly "delivering" this package, i was actually on the porch talking to a neighbor.

Sure enough, delivered the next day. And there are people out there that actually want jobs that could do better than some of these ***.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1339134

Contact the Postal Inspection service that is within the USPS. Tell them you have discovered an apparent problem with one of their mailmen, etc.

Find your nearest Inspector online at USPS.gov. Or, call a post office and get their number.

Durham, New Hampshire, United States #1257619

We were recently waiting for an important package and right when it showed "attempted delivery" on Amazon we immediately checked our mailbox for a slip, there wasn't one there so we went to the post office and they said the mailman hadn't even gone out on our route yet but had assumed we "wouldn't be home" or "the mailbox would be too small" so he didn't even want to attempt to deliver it... That's absolutely absurd and is the laziest thing I have ever heard. I hate USPS with a passion, we order a lot of computer parts online and have to make the trip to the post office almost every week to pick up packages just because our mailman is too lazy to bring them to our house, IT'S LITERALLY THEIR JOB.

to Anonymous #1403579

I am going to return any items I order that are shipped by the post office! They are lazy and the post master is so rude.

They get paid by sellers to deliver packages. Yet we have to go down to the post office and deal with their rude overworked underpaid employees.


First time ever using usps, they left a notice saying they couldn't deliver the package due to the area being insecure because of my dog. My dog is less than 20lbs and chained to the side of the house (several feet from the door). They are the laziest SOB's out there, that'll use any excuse not to get out of their cars.


I am disabled and have been for 15 years now. My carrier retired and now I never get any of my packages delivered to my home.

Everyone next to me or near me get's there packages except me.

It is hard to drive 25 miles round trip to pick up a package when I really can't drive. How do I get the USPS to deliver to my home?


Consumer Affairs. Call Everyday.

Get names of those you spoke with. Junk mail can't be stopped except by taking down your mailbox. If that is the route you chose to take just know that all deliveries will stop, packages included. Your address will be considered a non deliverable address.

There is no valid explanation for not attempting delivery. If you are so inclined to pursue satisfaction go see the Postmaster and be sure to tell him/her that you went to Consumer Affairs . That kind bad service will reflect on the PM. They hate that.

As a Carrier for 30 years I've seen it all.

Good Luck. Be a pain in their backsides.

Grosse Ile Township, Michigan, United States #1035637

First time ordering from the USPS, never again. I will for now on only use the UPS.

The drivers that do this *** need to be retaught by pizza delivery guys, I've never had a problem with the pizza guy failing to exit his vehicle to deliver something. Lawyers, can I sue for this?

Naperville, Illinois, United States #995053

This happens all the time to me since moving to Illinois.

Most carriers never bother to attempt.

Calling the local post doesn't fix anything since they just say they will talk to the carrier and it gets better for a while and goes right back to the carrier not wanting to attempt delivery.

I gave up and have started to use fedex and ups for everything. The mail service here is too unreliable and I have to sit like a hawk monitoring tracking and carriers just so don't have returned packages

Amazon mistakingly sent a package out today as usps and sure enough...it was out for delivery and right back to sorting an hour later.

That's another failed to deliver and a carrier just throwing thier packages back in the post office system.


This happens to me regularly. Last year, it happened twice in two weeks, two urgent, time-sensitive packages involving our mortgage.

But times, I was waiting on the couch for the doorbell and nothing. I looked out the window and sure enough, there goes the mail truck. Upon walking out to the mail box, there's a "sorry we missed you" note with the rest of the day's mail, sans the package I needed that day.

Luckily, on the note, it stated that I could pick it up that same day, after 3:30. I got there at 3:30 and the carrier wasn't back yet.

I came back 30 minutes later... nothing yet. Another 30 minutes go by and still nothing. At this point, they are getting ready to close up and tell me that I'm just going to have to come back tomorrow for it.

So much for urgency.

Fast forward to the next morning and lo and behold, THEY CAN'T FIND THE PACKAGE. Apparently, the carrier left it in her truck overnight and while I was at the Post Office dealing with her mess, she left a final notice for it in my mail box. Unbelievable.... I eventually got it that afternoon, but it screwed me over as I was supposed to have the documents signed and back on their way to the bank already.

I hardly even got an apology out of it all...

Two weeks later, it happened again. Fortunately, it wasn't as urgent. Complaining to the USPS did nothing as just again today, I had a postage due note left in my mail box, no knock at the door or anything. She also never picks up packages left by my door for scheduled pickup.

I've resorted to passive payback.

Since I sell online, I always need USPS boxes.

So instead of placing small orders every couple weeks, I just placed an order for a half-years worth of supplies. While she was too lazy to carry a few small packages 10 feet to my door, now she's going to have to lug 100+ lbs of boxes, pouches, etc on an abnormally hot spring day.

to Anonymous Mountain View, California, United States #1186378

carrier's love customers like you. we are paid by the minute.

so your abusive order, just means more pay.

now that your unhappy.

how many times do carriers knock, with no answer. try knocking on your own door.

can you hear it over tv, radio, kiddos, phone you are yapping on?

carriers do not write final notices. its done by clerks.

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1189402

What a ***, I bet you are one of those dam lazy workers who never do his job and get pay for doing nothing

to Anonymous #1309598

Nope We're in the kitchen right in front of the door where the lazy mail lady was supposed to knock on....guess what? She left it at the post office again today. Didn't even attempt to deliver it I guess she didn't want to strain her big Mac eating hand.....lazy woman.

to Anonymous #1467500

I like your method of getting back at the carrier!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #969459

Same thing happened twice to me was in the front room mail man did not come to the door was right next to it,and left a redelivery notic and happened agian 4/8/15 calling usps now hope it taken care for. For there lazy drives.

Gardena, California, United States #965405

Same thing happens to me as well. For almost two years already.

They never delivery the package to my door and always leave a notice saying delivery attempt. I can't say that I'm 100% the time available when they are delivering the package, but it would 90% at least since I always work at home for my own business.

Maybe I'm just unlucky enough to have a lazy *** postman start work in my area from two years ago. And hopefully this lazy guy would be gone soon or later.

Fortunately the post office is only 2 blocks away from where I live.


Ummm contact the USPS office! It's, obviously, territorial, also to protect your goods! They're NOT going to sit around all day until you answer the door....

to SERIOUSLY #988422

Can you not read?

to SERIOUSLY #1115102

You are obviously very nieve about this issue, the USPS will not even attempt to deliver signature required partials, just leave attempted delivery notices. Wake up ...

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