NEVER try USPS.I paid for "express shipping" overnight guaranteed next day delivery and it arrived late.

Also their customer service is so poor. They tell you they will check on the status or research the whereabouts of your item and call you back but they never do. They could care less. No wonder many people in the USPS sytem are getting laid off.

Take your job seriously. Do not try it expecially if you want to ship/receive and important item. My item was lost for the longest time.

USE FEDEX OF UPS.THE USPS system is completely disorganized and dysfuntional.

Review about: Usps Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I ordered package it first class

Usps it take my package to Florida Clearwater

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #1262181

isps can suck my vock.sent from st pete florida overnight, to go to morris city nj

ended up in reading MA- *** kidding me?

bunch of *** retards.never using usps again.


Totally true.It will leave a city, and then never arrive at another.

WHERE IS IT? Apply for the refund sir? They don't have a CLUE! Last time, it arrived where it was supposed to one day late, and then made it on.

Its like it didn't get there on time, wasn't scanned until the next day.

USPS tracking is a joke. I've never actually LOST a letter. Tracking was a big mistake.



the French embassy sent me my passport with a visa on on the 6 th july and my flight tomorrow on the 12 th .the system say it in transit today is the 12 nothing yet I m missing my 1600 round trip ticket , travel insurance in shengen zone , hotel reservation in paris ..

over 2000 $ total expenses ..any help with be appreciated

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #954866

Express mail not delivered as stated. It is now 2 days and still not delivered from Atlanta,Ga to Miami,Fl. That is only 800 miles, Not 8000 miles

to Rudy #1358678

Me too my first class Florida Clearwater my friend just move to NYC he send me stuff

My free shipping

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #954713

My mom sent me a VERY VERY VERY emphasis on VERY important package TWO days ago where she paid 20$ for express 1 day and 2 days later it still isn't here AND the clerks were very rude . And the tracking system is NO help.

Wheeling, West Virginia, United States #954046

Yes, my friend paid $20 for overnight shipping by USPS yesterday at 2:00 in Va, the package was suppose to come to me in WV today.It isn't here and I am so upset because this could lead to some serious problems.

The clerk even told him it was guaranteed to be here between 1 and 3 p.m.

I guess he'll be getting a refund because it didn't come.This is pathetic!!!

Miami, Florida, United States #948882

Overnight package that's late, I really needed my passport and I should have never in a million years trusted USPS for the extra 5 bucks it saved me. USPS is pathetic, but I blame myself.

to Jay #1358679

I always trust usps

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