Submitted request for mail hold for Thanksgiving week, beginning Saturday November 19 until Monday November 29. Stopped home Tuesday, November 22 between trips, to find mailbox full of mail.

Contacted post-office, they "forgot" that the start date should have been Saturday, so mail was sitting in the box for 4 days. New request - December 22 to January 3 - you guessed it - came home today, December 24. Not only was the mailbox full of mail, but a USPS package was sitting on the front doorstep. This despite complaint about previous mail hold.

Different story every time - substitute not aware of mail hold, supervisor "forgetting" to tell delivery person about mail hold, etc., etc.

In the meantime, we had a certified letter sitting at the post-office for 8 days before they decided to send us a "2nd" notice - never had a "1st" notice.

Typically certified mail has an "urgency" to it. I believe it is retaliation for my complaints about delivery during hold times.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usps Delivery Service.

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I also have had several problems with the USPS mail hold. Three times in a row, after the hold was over/mail toresume being delivered, it was not.

I would wait a few days, then call the local post office. They would say they couldn’t figure out the problem, or my carrier had been on vacation, or could find no mail at the local post office being held for me. Then, magically, almost a week later, the held mail, with a rubber band and label around it, would magically show up in my mail box.

I figure it just got shoved in a corner somewhere and forgotten. Very frustrating, USPS!


I paid to have my mail put on hold for 1 week when I got home my mail box was stuffed,what did I pay for?i did this so people didn't know I was gone for the week .re imberse me


me too. kids just donot care like us old guys did


mikemanjohnson, the OP's complaint has nothing to do with moving or changing addresses. Hold Mail is a completely different service. And the USPS took responsibility (albeit with lame excuses) for their goof so what makes you think that some form was filled out incorrectly by the OP?


I never had this problem, 3 times I've moved and my mail moved with me, fill out the forms correctly next time and get over it.

to themikemanjohnson #1412892

Dear Mr. The Mike Man Johnson,

Concerning your “rude” statement (which was unacceptable) about the form not being filled out

correctly....well, the same thing happened to me!!

I did fill out the form “correctly”, and my mail was to be held approximately 4 weeks. I did not exceed the 30 day hold policy either! The person I had watching my house noticed my mail in my mailbox 5 days prior to my arrival time. She knew I was picking up my mail at the appropriate time and it was not to be delivered while I was gone.

It was not her responsibility to act as a Carrier!! Although, she willingly did! This was an inconvenience for her as well!! The irony of my story, due to “negligence” on behalf of the irresponsible person (of whom was to give the form to my Carrier), is the unacceptable FACT that while my mail was to be held, I never received 3 weeks of my mail; yet, no one at the USPS office is going to be held accountable for the so-called lost but found form.

Therefore, as a kind suggestion, I would advise you to think properly prior to engaging in something you were not directly involved in. Also, know your FACTS! And “no”...I am not getting over it because it is highly, unacceptable and irresponsible behavior that had a negative impact on me!!

Mr. The Mike Man Johnson, have a nice day!

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