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I have a tree that leans on the back of the mailbox, was this way when I bought the home a year ago... Out of nowhere the week before Christmas a note was placed on the mailbox

That everyone would have to pick up mail at the Russell location... No reason why

So when I went to pick up my mail the snotty suporvisor lied & said the mailbox had to be opened from the back

That's a complete lie the box does not even open from the back

The post office never sent me a letter asking me to remove the tree. They just decided to stop mail for everyone

Even when the tree was not in their way whatsoever

I want this to go to a higher up after I had to pay400$ to remove my tree!!!!!

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Moline, Illinois, United States #1091928

Clearly they were NOT impressed with your lack of upkeep and landscaping, and I can't say I blame them.

At least it motivated you to DO something about it, so really...stop whining already, mkay?


No offense, but the tree touching the mailbox was crooked and UGLY....looks like it was butchered before. The one behind it with Christmas lights and leaves looks great tho.

Photo makes it look like the ugly tree was only about 6 inches inches in diameter and $400 to remove a tree that small is insane.... I'd pay $150 tops including stump removal.

to Anonymous #1091929

Umm, no one asked or cares what "you would pay" for anything; it's completely irrelevant here.

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