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I just recieved a package via USPS that had obviously been opened and looted. This had to have been done by USPS as it was in their care at the time.

I've made several calls and not a single callback has been made to me. They're waiting for me to get tired of the whole thing and just walk away. I tried to go out and talk to our mail carrier today. He saw me and attempted to drive away but I chased him down.

I told him that if any member of the USPS sets foot on my property again I will open them up like they opened my package. We just had a case in Denver where a mail handler admitted to stealing over 1000 packages!! We have another case where a mail carrier stole pain killers that had been mailed to terminally ill cancer patients. She stole from the dying!!

These people have to go and NOW!! We have a large number of people out of work right now. Let's replace each and every postal employee with one of the unemployed.

Let's then prosecute all postal employees and introduce them to Bubba and Mohammed in the local prison. It's about half of what the thieves at USPS deserve.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Washington, Illinois, United States #1185357

Interesting comment about replacing all of the postal workers with unemployed people. Why would you think that would reduce the theft rate. Also, why fire the innocent?

Terry, Montana, United States #1070302

I have had this happen too, while the package (priority envelope) was in the care of USPS! The envelope was sliced open and taped closed.

I noticed when I received it but didn't realize that $500 in Christmas gift cards had been slid out through the cut in the envelope until the sender asked how many family enjoyed spending their gift cards. As usual, nothing the lousy USPS would do, although the theft happened at their sorting facility.

Imagine the stolen loot that USPS workers give to their families for Christmas, it shouldn't be allowed as an employee benefit!

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