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somebody in texas send me an envelope next day delivery, suppost to be at my address on 02=02=17 at 3:00 pm but nothing, hopping for the best I wait till next day 02 03 17 same thing,went to post office around 3:10 , they told me it may be tomorrow Saturday 02 04 17; paying almost 30 dollar for some important mail I said is something to be *** at the usps poor but expensive service; but I think we are to be blame for their bad service because we...
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Anonymous The same thing is happening to me. NO One there cares. All I get is attitude and my complaints go unresolved. When I have reached out in the past I just get the run around. No...


h.kitchener The USPS is a failed bureaucracy and if you want good service then use Fedex or UPS. We get mail delivered to us addressed to neighbors up and down the street; mail dropped on...


Usps Next Day Delivery Service Review

I also ordered a hoop from this website and paid $16 for 1 to 3 day shipping which PayPal uses USPS it should've been here next day delivery I spent $50 and it has been over 2 1/2 weeks and still nothing and also no email back this company is terrible .

Usps Next Day Delivery Service Review

Friday I didn't get my package because they told me it was unaddressed so I called them for them to redeliver it and I gave them the correct address and everything and told them that I would like them to redeliver it the next day. The next day it didn't come and when ever I try to track it, it still says redelivery scheduled.