I bought a $50.00 Lowes gift card for my son-in-laws birthday.It was enclosed in a birthday card and sent on 7/19/2008.

The card was never received by the party it was addressed to. I went to Lowe's on 7/31/08 and inquired about the card. It was cashed out and the balance was $0.00. Someone in the USPS had to have opened the card, stole the gift card and cashed it out.

No insurance was purchased on my part, so I have no proof in order to file a claim.

Obviously the USPS can not be trusted to safeguard the mail we entrust to them.


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Buford, Georgia, United States #1213873

$250 worth of items ripped open but delivered.Large postal envelope.

My wife over the last several years gets large envelopes from her mother in Europe ripped open. Perfume/etc missing but the rest delivered. Went to complain and the rude ghetto BLACKS (as sad as the stereotype fits) in that office couldn't care less. This has been happening for YEARS.

Many packages ripped and pilfered the same way. If they want something they take it.

Rotten apples with rude attitudes in that PO branch.Their parents Failed to raised them proper.

to Anonymous Long Beach, California, United States #1247667

Wow I am SOOOO shocked that you are from Georgia...


My son worked hard all year to get straight A's and perfect attendance and when he does he gets a 25 gift card for one 25 for another.The end of the year came and he didn't receive the last 2 so they were mailed to his principal and she mailed them to us .

I told her before sending we had moved and a foward was set up as well .

It was sent to our old place and found out today that the cards were spent and my son is left with nothing .I'm so upset and broken up for my son this is not right stealing from a 9 year old boy.


I just received a package for an order I placed at target.com.I opened it and there was only 1 out of 4 things in it, but the paper with the description of what I ordered listed all 4 items.

Then I noticed that the package had been torn open and taped up. It was delivered by USPS.

I called Target, who informed me that they are having problems with their delivery service and was conducting an investigation and promised to resend my items via UPS this time.

This is really disappointing to me.I will not be using the Postal Service for any shipments anymore...

Sterling, Virginia, United States #941860

April 21, 2010|By Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun

Federal postal investigators say that when mail employee Andrew Walsh saw a greeting card, he saw an opportunity.

The 51-year-old night-shift supervisor at the U.S.Postal Service processing and distribution center in Baltimore has been charged with theft of mail after Walsh was seen during covert surveillance opening greeting cards at a conveyor belt, according to authorities.

A search of his vehicle recovered about 450 gift cards.

Federal prosecutors said the investigation was launched after officials received reports that more than 1,200 greeting cards were rifled through over the past three months.

Walsh, a Cockeysville resident, could receive a maximum sentence of five years in prison if he is convicted. At the time of his arrest, he was a Postal Service maintenance mechanic and an acting supervisor on a night shift at the Baltimore processing and distribution center in the 900 block of E. Fayette St

In a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court, officials said they were notified Feb.

1 by a Bel Air man who said his wife had purchased a $50 Target gift card and mailed it in a greeting card. The envelope was later returned and marked "return to sender," along with a notification to contact postal investigators if anything was missing, according to the complaint. Investigators tracked the missing gift card and found an inquiry had been made to Target on Jan. 26, a day before about $36 worth of merchandise was purchased with the card.

The phone number was tracked to Walsh, who investigators determined was a Postal Service employee. During covert surveillance March 30 and 31, Walsh was observed spending an "inordinate amount of time throughout the evening at a mail processing conveyor belt," but his hands were concealed, according to the complaint.

On April 15, he was observed again.This time, investigators saw him rifling through and removing the contents from numerous cards, authorities said.


I sent my sister a $100 Target gift card from the post office in Torrance, Ca.My sis received the carefully resealed letter and card, but the gift card was missing.

I learned that it was redeemed at the Target in Westminster, Ca. I also learned the regional sorting facility is located in Santa Ana, right next to Westminster. I'm quite confident that a postal employee stole the gift cards.

I urge victims of mail theft to FILE A COMPLAINT AT USPS.COM, click on Postal Inspectors, the proceed to fill out online complaint. If one person files a report, they won't do anything, but if 50 people file a report...

Also, I will file a police report today.

Law enforcement has never done anything for me, but we shall see...

I'm not going to take this laying down.No way, no how.

to Sarah #1088713

I have the most funny USPS story ever!Bought a long *** *** for fun.

Tracked it! I am home and when I updated my at 10:59 AM it showed it was delivered to a person. HA! I assume the post guy/gal took it.

OK not a big loss bet they liked what they got. Then there was a knock on the door at 3:50PM. I didn't make it in time to see the person. They ran off and there was my package.

On closer inspection I found amazon tape neatly cut and replaced also neatly on top was clear tape.

I guess they didn't like the surprise! The item was also in one of those grey plastic mail bag for privacy. They had opened that and re taped it too.

They got *** on that robbery!Literally.


My Mother-In-Law sent me a birthday card with a Target giftcard in it.She ended up sending it to the wrong address, and when it was returned to her, there was no card or giftcard in it.

It's absolutely disgusting that people will do this.

It's a federal offense!

I plan on writing continuous letters to the local news, so they'll investigate it.I want to be able to mail something without wondering if it will arrive, unscathed and unstolen!


I mailed a $50 note for my niece. Put it in the middle of a congratulation card and taped the envelope. My niece received the envelope torn up and $50 note missing. Also a month ago I bought something online. The seller sent me the tracking number and everything, but I never received the parcel. The seller told me she claimed the parcel, but USPS had no explanation for the missing parcel as well.

USPS hasn't taught and trained their employees a bit of decency!!!! They opend people's mailes and steal whatever they like.

This whole organization is the biggest joke of all times.

to Laya El Paso, Texas, United States #621641

only $50 bucks is fine.....next time use your personal check is safe

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