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Tracking updates are not timely enough to be of any value.The most recent tracking information for a package scheduled to be delivered tomorrow (2017-01-06) to Upstate NY still shows delivery estimate of Jan 6, but the latest scan continues to be: Jan 4 11:26 OPA LOCKA FL. Obviously, either the latest scan is missing, or the projected delivery is totally wrong. Calls as to what is correct were a waste of time. OK, here goes ... more to reach the...
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I didn't like
  • Tracking service is all but worthless

so happy I spent over $40 to NOT have my items delivered to my nieces and nephews. (Hint: sarcasm) Really appreciate your disinterest USPS. (Hint: sarcasm) I know it's the holiday rush, but, come's not like you're working in a frenzy the other 49 weeks of the year. It's this kind of lackadaisical, disinterested service that drives consumers to UPS and FedEx. It's hard to sustain support for quasi-government institutions when the...
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Anonymous Christmas is the same day every year. Did you know that? So you wait until the last minute, yet USPS is supposed to rescue you since you obviously f***ed up?


almightyoz Since you brought up lackluster performance, you could of shopped & mailed item earlier that several days before Christmas. It as more your fault the the postal service.

One item damaged and sent directly to dead mail, compound bow damaged in transit, and one package only half the contents arrived at destination. Filed claims with no responses:( Go through the long process of converting pictures and receipts to PDF files for claims. Specifically ask for USPS postal worker to contact you by phone. Response is an email to file claim. Poor service. Did get lucky and receive two USPS claims checks for lost...
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Usps Priority Delivery Service Review

They suck i ordered thru amazon which uses usps and everything they deliver is late yet they update thru amazon as delivered ive had numerous packages go missing for weeks even had to get refunds, and then forced to pay for them a second time when they showed up a month later they suck flat out