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USPS had my package out for delivery on December 2nd. It never reached my regular mail carrier nor did it reach me. Just a few days ago, the tracking updated and then said the package was in Columbus, then New Jersey (AFTER it said it was out for delivery). I got an e-mail today from Barnes and Noble (whom the package was from) that stated they were refunding me for that item. Why? Because it got sent back to them. WTF?!?! (Here is my tracking number: 910292****480010****56)

P.S. - All of my mail is delivered to me, left on my porch or signed for. I am home 90% of the time when the mail person comes around. So "missing" the package when USPS rolled around isn't the problem in this case. The day that package was "out for delivery," my regular carried told me she had been working that day. She said she never saw the package nor did she deliver it anywhere.

Below is the e-mail(which is more detailed than my description above) I sent to USPS. I don't expect a response but wanted them to know I'm pissed off.

"I am beyond angry with USPS at this point. You guys couldn't be the furthest from reliable, in which you so highly claim to be. I was supposed to receive a package on the 2nd of December. It was even posted as "OUT FOR DELIVERY!!!" Where is my package now? It got returned to the sender. That is utterly ridiculous. I spoke with my regular mail carrier about this problem (as well as her supervisor) and she explained to me that someone failed to put the package on her truck and it got sent back into the system. SOMEONE FAILED THERE! Neither her nor I have ever seen the package but yet it gets sent back to the sender (Barnes and Noble). How is this acceptable? It's not. I am starting to understand how USPS is "going out of business" now when they can't take responsibility for their own failures.

I can't even reorder the item I was supposed to receive because I have to wait until the refund clears my bank account (which hasn't even shown up yet). By that time, I don't even know if I will be able to get the item before Christmas. It was a GIFT for my son!

I am more irritated that the supervisor at the Amherst, OH (44001) post office couldn't care less. She seems really apathetic, to say the least. She says "Well, there's nothing I can do about it at this point." And that's the extent of everything she's said to me. Besides trying to blame Barnes and Noble for this error.

This is completely UNACCEPTABLE! I refuse to let this happen over and over to me nor anyone else.

Keep it up and you guys WILL be out of business sooner than later. I can tell how much your employees really care..."

Product or Service Mentioned: Usps Delivery Service.

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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Because the USPS gives so many preference points for hiring to certain segments of society, they are no longer hiring competent individuals to deliver mail. I have had mail and packages go missing for months and then suddenly show up.

My mail is constantly delivered to the wrong address, and I constantly get mail for people all over the large city I live in. So sad that the rates keep going up but the service gets worse. Now they don't charge by the weight of your letter, they charge by how thick the envelope for your letter is.

If you send more than a page or two in your envelope you have to pay with 2 stamps instead of one. USPS truly sucks


I agree with this person!!!!!!!!!! twice in the month my package has been returned to sender, and for reasons unknown i never get my package!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wtf usps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@Charley - This was NOT the first time USPS has "misdelivered" a package to me(it seems this issue stems internally, not from my mail carrier). About a year ago the same manager I mentioned above, failed to read our address numbers (which are so obviously marked on the front of our mobile home) and left our package near the bushes of someone else's home.

No one seemed to know where the package was, NOT EVEN THE MANAGER(complete BS)! My mail carrier found it 3 weeks later and then told me she asked her boss (the manager) about it. Apparently my package came in "late" and she had to deliver it because my mail carrier was already off of work. My mail carrier had actually told this woman EXACTLY where my mobile home was and my address was clearly printed(not by hand, by computer) on the box. But somehow the package ended up at #23 (up the same street) when it should have been delivered to us (#27). I seriously do not understand how someone can fail to read an address on a a package and just toss someone's package to the wind, pretty much. We live right on the corner, out in the open, hard to miss. It still baffles me. Regardless, it's unacceptable.

I have every single reason to complain because if I don't, the *** will keep happening. It's NOT OK to lose customers packages, misdeliver them, etc... and be apathetic to that fact. I feel terrible for people that are waiting on medications and personal health necessities that get misdelivered by USPS. Is that OK too? It shouldn't be. Especially when the claim to be so "reliable." Call there 1-800 number and listen to that pre-recorded garbage.

With that said, I love and appreciate my regular mail carrier. She knows this. I thank her just about every day. She even offered to replace the item mentioned above since it was a gift for my son for Christmas. She felt bad and I told her she did not have to do that, and that it was not her fault. I am on a very friendly basis with her. She goes out of her way to help me when these problems arise and I've told her I appreciate her help.

Charley, if USPS misdelivers your package are you just going to throw your hands up in the air and not give a hoot? I don't know too many people that wouldn't be pissed, especially when it happens to them at least once a year. I'm pretty sure those same people that work for USPS would be pissed if USPS misdelivered their package.

Something needs to be done within my local post office. The manager clearly needs the boot with her apathetic attitude. I still don't understand how a worker could scan a parcel as "out for delivery" and then fail to load it onto a truck. What exactly happens there? Was someone slacking off? It seems no one wants to make sure these things don't happen again. I really can't find a reason to excuse the manager either.


So a cmpany that picks up a letter or package from your business or your home, puts it ona planes, trains and trucksthen delivers it to a a home thousands of miles away for about 50 cents...gets it right 99.9% of the time...and they suck in your opinion? I am sorry they messed up,and that an employee was rude,but I would love to see ANY of you do a better job for 50 cents a letter and be responsible for MILLIONS of letters and packages every day around the WORLD.

It sucked because it happened to you, NOT because they do a bad job. Name ANT business that has a 99.9% success record that sells it's services for less than 50 cents to transport something from you to another person across the country. I think thou doth protest (expect) too much. Did you ever thank them for the 20 thousand times they got your stuff right for all these years?

Don't you screw up more often than once every 20,000 times? I Know I sure do.


@ charley burnett

First off, a package costs a lot more than 50 cents to ship.

Your 99.9% accuracy claim is way off.

In my experience, USPS consistently screws up with both letter and package deliveries. The proof is in the pudding.

The way I thank a business is by continuing to patronize them.

USPS screwed me over one too many times and I will never use them again. :)


Four packages sent back to sender for the month of December is not an accident. USPS does not like delivering for FEDEX and UPS, so they don't.

. . .at least in my town. No, they don't get it right 99% of the time and it is .50 cents to mail a letter, not a parcel.

How many Christmas did these people spoil all over the country? It will all be exposed soon.

I have contacted my congressional representative requesting an investigation. USPS needs to be overhauled, not privatized!


You must work for or know someone who does? I think Doth full of crap!

You should be fired. 50 cents a letter? 100**** letters a day? I make $12 an hour; if i screw up once, watch out!

Twice, i'm in deep waters! $30 an hourly wage? I wouldnt foul up once with the responsibility and pay! Twice, better wear a life jacket!

Excuses, I don't want, when 42 billion packages(not just letters) are sent yearly, you got enough money and incentive to get it right!



Get a brain...There is no "ObamaCare"or government health care PERIOD. The ONLY thing passed was for all of us to BUY health insurance from PRIVATE insurance companies that can no longer DENY health care to people with pre-existing conditions. The ONLY government healthcare is Medicare and Medicaid...quit watching Fox news and learn the FACTS before you complaign in a forum that has NOTHING to do with your political views that are biased and scewed due to the lies you believe from right wing bloggers and Fox news media...get a life and quit being part of the problem..you have every right to complaign if you actually know the facts and THEN don't like something.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to blame the government for what a PRIVATE insurance company does...except that the governemtn FINALLY told them they cannot deny or stop our insurance for pre-existing conditions.

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Complain, correctly!

I had good insurance; now I have *** insurance and pay loads more!

With Obama policies we get Chicago equivelant! Higher . M. .

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A democratic playbook to screw us all! Bend over folks, 'cause its going in whether you want it or not!


Ah, I think the state of Ohio actually approved some sort of measure that doesn't include itself within that. I'm ready to move out of the U.S.

already. It seems like our nation keeps getting worse and worse.


If you like the USPS, still a government-run entity you will absolutely LOVE ObamaCare when it fully kicks in in 2014. It's motto will be: Get sick in America, then Die

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