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left notes nicely asking mail man to close mail box correctly ( it snaps shot very nicely) only because my bills especially my electric bill was soaking wet.But this would work for a little time , but then I start getting wet mail again . Finally I spoke to him when leaving one day he blamed it on the mail box sloping slightly . I tried to explain and demonstrate to him this had nothing to do with the mail box staying closed . And later that day...
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Ridiculous_UR you are responsible for the maintenance & operation of the receptacle. If it worked properly, you wouldn't have had wet mail.
I find it hard to believe a carrier would des...

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I received daily email from usps with my mail scanned. Those two was never scanned or show up in the system. Both time the card was used in Massachusetts and Rhode island making maximum purchase of more than $5000. When I contact my credit card company they have to mail my replacement card by FedEx because they believed there's something wrong with the postal system too. Everyone knows how obvious a mail containing a credit card looks like....
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Filing a written complaint to USPS resulted in a reply that didn't even address these issues at all. Instead I was told how helpful the clerks were and told to buy a bigger postal box. None of which has anything to do with the issues at all. What a joke! They also never addressed issues about the male employee at the Eatonville office who has been a rude, unhelpful *** for years. They won't get rid of who wants to deal with his...
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I didn't like
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  • Rude employee