I had a package sent to me by priority mail and its been over a week and no package. USPS states there is no guarantee it will arrive in the two to three days I paid for.

So what is this an upgrade from parcel post with no concerns if the paying customer receives what they pay for or is it a way for the post office to raise some free extra funds? I mean really why up sell a customer on two to three day delivery if you offer no guarantee it will arrive as stated and no refunds.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usps Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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USPS Priority Mail is fast becoming a joke and made worse by terrible customer service. I have had many packages mailed to me that are sent to the wrong sorting facility and then on even to another completely incorrect post office.

A computer glitch? I hardly think so, rather it is personnel who do not do their job correctly.

Getting information on where your package is or exactly where it has been sent is impossible and USPS say they have no way of knowing. Really?


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I helped a friend mail stuff to her hubby who was on a long business trip and she asked for a fragile stickerthe postal office worker had this to say- no hands really come on the usps mail anymore so a fragile sticker is of no usethey said that it's all conveyor belts now- all automatedwhich is why there are lost mail and broken packages and late mail


how did you lose $450???I did not say you did not recieve it. All you said was it was late

to eattdug #1455049

i mean you did not say you did not recieve it


Post office SUCKS, a little snow on the ground, roads clear, and will not bring packages. I never want to use them for anything, i will not buy from anyone that uses post office

Orlando, Florida, United States #1315856

I have to tell ya since they revamped a couple years ago and got rid of all the good people for all those minorities that can care less they suck horribly!!!! It is the truth sorry but they break almost every delivery I have send though ebay, they loose and shift items around town for couple days because there sorting sucks ect ect.

I never use them anymore I use FED Ex and it is cheaper and my items always arrive safely. CLOSE THEM DOWN !!!

to Unhappy USPS past user #1455048

wow this is a bit prejudice and racist isn't it


You are all correct. USPS is somewhat on time with deliveries but some packages can be lost for a very long time.

My problem seems to be with Trenton, NJ Facility. I suspect no one is accountable for the lost packages there.

It's very possible that Jimmy Hoffa is buried somewhere in the Trenton, NJ facility. I just hope they move my package...........Lost in NJ


For the second time within a year USPS has lost a registered mail sign on delivery mail for me , all I can say is if its something important then use someone else , this is unacceptable to me that they don't know where my registered mail is ? Yes I can file a claim but no I tint want to spend a day going trough all that BS , I payed for tracking service and I want to know where my mail is . And I don't want do talk to some costumer service guy on a respirator telling me that they don't know

to Anonymous #1455050

2nd time. oh my! LOLand more prejudiceim not a usps fan but the prejudice is bad on this site


The USPS is a joke they could care less if you get your package after they take your money. I have had several priority mail items not be delivered on time with no refund either


I ordered a package 2 day priority, came 12 days late. The box was torn open and re taped , more than half the contents were missing, also other miscellaneous items were in the box almost as if they accidently destroyed multiple packages and in a last ditch effort, grabbed random things from the pile of items and put them into random boxes, taped them up and sent them on their way.

I ordered car parts. I got two of the seven i ordered and recived a glucose blood testing kit, makeup, and an order receipt that was crumpled up. The receipt had no items that were in the box, and also was for an adress 40 miles away. Are you *** kidding me?

Usps will do nothing about this even with seller proof of the packaging weight before shipping. Wow.


USPS is absolutly a joke, the do what they want when they want, I received a package I ordered on the 14th of Dec. a month and a day after ,, Merry Christmas ,, another package I still havnt received, and another I ordered from 150 miles away and was shipped the same day , is still not here 4 days later,, and no tracking on the package, I wish they would hurry up and go away !, let the real delivery people get it done , Fed Ex , and UPS , they don't mind working! If my mail man has a package to big for the mail box , he sits out in the parking lot and honks , if know one gets there fast for him to hand the package to he drives off.I try every time I can to use anyway possible other than USPS ,the world would be much better if everyone else would do the same !!


I agree. I sent a package priority and they missed delivery date by DAYS.

Bait and switch advertising.

They should be forced to do away with that option. Even GAO slammed them for misadvertising!


I have been living in my house now for three years. Before me the house was empty for over one year.

So we can safely say four years since the last owner lived here. So surprise the postal service is still trying to deliver mail for the previous owner even though I have gone down to the local USPS Office and explained I wasn't interested in their mail.

I have taken tax papers and all manner of other private mail back and nothing changes.

If i ran a company that way I would be broke. I can't help but wonder how dumb a person needs to be before getting a job with the USPS!


I have to admit it, USPS seems to hire some very lazy people. Be they veterans or not.

I used to love getting mail etc.., but now I ask and pay more for UPS or FedEx. I really believe the post office is set up to fail.


USPS sux!!! I was sent a very important letter 9/18/2015 from Denver to Staten Island NY.

Today is 9/23/2015. And still no letter. It is unbelievable!!! I have recieved stuff from china faster.

Never again. They sux!!!


USPS SUCKS!!!!!!Broked my heart!!! I had very Importand documents packaged send for express mail international it said will delivered 3-5days but now almost 1months it never showed up.and The *** I did forget to add up the insurance was only cover $100, But cost to replaced of that documents is $3000!!! I better pay lil bit more to get better service with different carrier!!!!!


Aug 14: "Undeliverable as addressed". Contacted shipper; packaged was addressed properly.

Returned to shipper by USPS 14 days later.

Aug 19: "Delivered, left with individual"(2 items). Funny, i was out of the office that day; who the *** did they leave them with?

EBay indicates another attempt was made on one of the items three days after it was supposedly delivered (!), on Aug 22 (Saturday) at 08:39; i've never gotten mail at that time regardless of the day, and i was in all day, as i am every Saturday. Out $120.25

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