I had a package sent to me by priority mail and its been over a week and no package. USPS states there is no guarantee it will arrive in the two to three days I paid for.

So what is this an upgrade from parcel post with no concerns if the paying customer receives what they pay for or is it a way for the post office to raise some free extra funds? I mean really why up sell a customer on two to three day delivery if you offer no guarantee it will arrive as stated and no refunds.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usps Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $450.

Location: Rapid City, South Dakota

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I am waiting for a flat rate 2nd day package from LA to Houston. It has been a week, still not delivered, tracking puts it in Dallas.

No wonder Amazon has to buy their own trucks and deliver their own packages. USPS is frustrating. Glad its not perishable. Birthdays missed.

Anniversaries are over. Late gifts are a stain on our reputation but the USPS keeps doing it.

They have the best equipment, highest salaries and the laziest workers. .


I am doing my best to only order from places that allow me to upgrade to fedex or ups. USPS is horrible, tracking is lacking and who knows what shape it will be in when it gets here.


Usps has lost several of my packages. Since THEY marked them as delivered they take no responsibility for losing it.

Usps really sucks.

90% of them are lazy. Usps is really riding the Covid excuse hard, too.


U.S.P.S. along with a few others have gotten so big, we do not matter, they do NOT care if we received what we paid for.....we want YOUR money....then after that...good luck....this was aired on t.v...how poorly Amazon's service was...did it do any good NO...just like USPS....


It took me about 2 days as a new mail carrier to realize that the USPS is two things. It is simultaneously one of the most important and least respected functions of the USA.

Don't blame your carrier. They probably entered their career with the same intention I did. To serve their country. They most likely work way harder than you do for less money.

They drive 40 year old broken vehicles filled to the brim with mail and packages sorted by faulty robots to as many as 800 stops a day while on a stopwatch. They are for the most part amazingly talented people dealing with harassment from you as well as management. Most likely, if an item was scanned to a location yet no package is found, the address was wrong/illegible/incomplete,your box or house # is not clearly labeled, or it was stolen. There also may have been no package on the carriers truck yet when they get back to the office their super says, "do you remember the package you had for your 564th stop.

You didn't scan it. Scan the code now even if you don't remember or you fail." What was the 564th thing you did today?

Do you remember? I bet your package is in some amazon facility squished through a floor grate after being run over by a forklift after being ground up in an angry robot.


I ordered a game from Gamestop. It left Kentucky, then went to Tennessee.

From there it should have gone to Little Rock, AR, but instead went to Washington state. It hung out there for a bit, going between two or three towns before shipping out. It should have arrived on May 11th - it is now May 20th. My game is now in New Jersey.


My packages have better vacations than I do. :/


Cannot get anyone on the phone (wait time 1 hour). Cannot deliver based on what you pay for. USPS is an absolute joke.


It seems like they have a month bin. All mail either seems to come on time or exactly 1 month after it should have arrived.

Waiting on a time sensitive package from a company that is unfortunately partnered with them and it has been long enough to assume its in the month bin. If nothing happens tomorrow will cancel the order and go go with their competitor who has more in store selection.


I use to recive my mail at 8 am and now I'm lucky to get it by 8 pm. They blame it on Covid but I know the carrier doesn't leave the post office till about noon.

I have seen her just talking insted of doing her job. I live in a small town and my father held that job for 34 years and he was always home by 2:30 at the latest but now they have cut the route into 2 routes and they might or might not deliver your mail.I applied for the job and passed the test but didn't get it.


the postal service sucks!!!!!! i am using fedex from now on.

i have told everyone to go email. i hope they go bankruped


I've solved my USPS problems by switching to UPS or FedEx. Sure, I pay a few extra dollars for the service, but I know my item won't languish in a bin or get lost in the shuffle at the post office.

I've waited weeks for parcels shipped via Priorty, some made it to Sandston and are still there 38 days later! Reform the management, abolish the union, and get on as a privatized business. You'll see a marked improvement on delivery times once their feet, (and livelihoods), are held to the fire.

Quit blaming the government, quit hiding behind the union, and do the job you were hired to do. There are plenty of folks who will if you don't.


After being told on Feb. 12 that a financially-related letter was on its way to me in 3 to 4 days, it'll soon be March 12.

It's not a big package - just a boring envelope with a small check, from a nearby state.

The better part of a month. Really?


Out of 3 priority packages I've had sent to me: 1) Priority package was delivered several days late to the wrong address, and signed by "somebody", I might have to file a police report. $1300 custom made knife.

They were going to contact the carrier to see if he remembered anything. Great. 2) Priority package sent 2/17 was on time, tracking showed progress. Then, date was moved to 2/22.

And all previous tracking disappeared. Now, as of 2/27, it says it's on its way, is currently in transit to "next facility" (so it left the next facility and is now lost is what they mean), so no tracking at all - the package is somewhere, they feel it in their bones. $150 worth of tools. 3) Priority package sent 2/14, finally arrived 2/26.

Plant bulbs. That's why it made it, not worth much. One package was sent to me and re-routed because I filed a change of address. Unfortunately it went to old address.

It got caught, and was rerouted. Ok, a few extra days, no big deal. I waited, and waited. After a week and a half, I decided to go to the PO to talk to somebody, as the tracking on it was scrubbed and it just said "in transit".

After I was assured that it was rerouted and on its way, I was asking how they knew the address? Where does it tell you this? That really threw them, so I got the supervisor. Then, somebody looked in a bin on the shipping floor, and there was my package!!

Just sitting there. And that's where it would have remained. It went back to the PO, got thrown into a bin and was never going to get on a truck. Seriously, what is wrong with these people?

All this technology and they can't use any of it. The packages I've had sent USPS from Amazon have been similar, 2 have been lost and I had to wait a week before I could file for a refund on each. In one case, it was a flash sale and I couldn't repeat the purchase. I guess I'll wait to see if I can save $100 some other time.

I know that there was some bad weather, but none of my packages came from those areas.

But it seems if the package doesn't make it in 2-3 days, the chances of it making it at all are the same as a missing person who's been lost in the woods over 48 hours. They've really started getting extra bad the past 4 months, I have friends who've had identical experiences.


It happened to me. Paid a lot extra to have something priority-delivered and over a week and still nothing.

Do they reimburse you if not delivered as promised? If not, they should.


USPS needs to be privatized; the quality and their concerns is absolutely deplorable . I sent a Certified Letter to the IRS which was mailed from Arizona to IRS Processing Center in Ogden, Utah.

IT was mailed on January 21 and according to the tracking number the letter is STILL IN TRANSIT over one month since mailed. Is this organization for real ???

OF course the Post Master General is now pleading for more money from Congress to further fund the incompetence. Personally, I will never mail anything with USPS again after this debacle.


I've been waiting since Feb. 15 for my first class package coming out of Fla., I am in Ohio.

Today is the 26th, still nothing. USPS is unreliable anymore.


Where do I begin, I collect miniatures as a hobby and have ordered countless packages over the past few months from so many sources and have had them shipped from so many places both in the U.S and some even from Europe. Some of my items from USPS have come on time but most haven't.

I have had so many packages hit the USPS Facility in Philadelphia and just sit for over a week. In comparison i got a huge bag with boxes of foam for storing the miniatures come from Europe and make it here in less than a week. My packages from Amazon all on time. Fedex All on time.

UPS all (until this huge snowstorm) on time. USPS tracking gives little information and their rates suck since they can't guarantee delivery in the manner that you paid for.

Lets get real it all around sucks and the only thing other than tax documents (which you can now easily get electronically) that they have ever delivered to me efficiently or I received from them without a huge hassle in 30+ years I've been on this Earth is the piles of unsolicited junk mail forced upon me by these leeches of federal funds. Someone needs to shutdown USPS.


Privatization seems to be an obvious necessity in this case. Usps can no longer function and our tax dollars are being misappropiated in lieu of funding them.

Let's move on until we can figure out how to run a country.

Sorry usps employees. You have roped a goat instead of a horse!


I'm experiencing a similar problem. I mailed a package on February 15, 2021, via express priority mail.

It weighed only 6.8 lbs and cost over $25 to mail without any additional services. As of February 22, 2021, it still has not been delivered.


Ive got 3 priority express packages that should have arrived this week but weather delayed everything. No update on tracking for 4 days.

Will it ever arrive? All 3 have been sitting in columbia sc & Im only 2 states away.

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