I had a package sent to me by priority mail and its been over a week and no package. USPS states there is no guarantee it will arrive in the two to three days I paid for.

So what is this an upgrade from parcel post with no concerns if the paying customer receives what they pay for or is it a way for the post office to raise some free extra funds? I mean really why up sell a customer on two to three day delivery if you offer no guarantee it will arrive as stated and no refunds.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usps Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $450.

Location: Rapid City, South Dakota

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Dude....thats nothing. i just yeaterday received priority mail shipments from 3 weeks ago.


Shut down the USPS Now !!!!!!!


$1.65 worth of stamps has cost me $65.00 dollars in late fees and stop payment fees. I always promptly pay bills ahead of time.

Mailed some c’cd payments weeks before due date. C’cd company never received.Same with electric utility. Stopped payment on checks not knowing where or what in the *** USPS knuckleheads did with them. Used ECH to stay current with C’cds.

and utility. DONE with USPS!!!!


The USPS needs to return the bonus money they got from the national party of thieves... known as the democrats.


Please do not blame poilotics. This is an issue of Louis DeJoy the General Postmaster.


lol so true


I have packages that are still sitting at the post office for over a mouth, now they are not delivering my bills who is going to pay the late charges .Oh by the way One of the packages was my blood pressure meds. Still not here.

I agree they sure be closed down. All they can do is ballot stuffing for the democrats.


i really hate them lol this is petty


USPS is a waste of taxpayers money. They should stop pretending to be a postal service and just keep helping democrats rig the elections. They seem to be good at that.


They sure didn't have any trouble getting the ballots out but the important mail does not get delivered


Bad enough the packages get delayed for weeks on end at these distro centers but then when they are finally out for delivery they have to *** you off one last time by forgeting to pull out your package when their at your house...driving off and never bringing it back that day when they figure out they forgot to deliver it out of laziness while it's on their truck but bringing it back to sit at the PO for another day and leaving some phony Alert up in the tracking that there was something wrong wIth the address which there really isn't and bringing the package back the next day...pathetic...USPS needs to do better...and soon.


The regular rural route carriers are paid around $70 Grand a year, according to my research. They are contracted with Amazon to deliver Amazon packages.

Which helps provide these lazy workers a hefty paycheck. My regular carrier is so lazy he will do anything to avoid driving 100 ft to deliver your package. Writes up a pink slip for you to pick up your package at a post office that is only open 2 hrs a day and has yet another horrible postal worker with a nasty attitude that actually flings packages towards the customers.

Complaining apparently does no good, they are a member of the union so they pretty much let them get away with murder. And they wonder why people despise the USPS!


Never saw it this bad. Multiple December 2020 shipments running weeks overdue, poor / no tracking / lots of damaged shipments / little accountability / customers pissed.

Paying for priority has no effect on quality. Welcome to government corruption and incompetence.Type your message here




package sent priority 12/7/2020,today 1/1/2021 still no package.i thought priority was 1 to 4 days not 1 to 4 months


If your package has ti go through Georgia be prepared to wait 2 weeks they slow up all the packages i have noticed.


Waiting on paycheck for a week. Kind of need it!

Also two packages hung up on NJ for weeks. Also paid for two day shipping that arrived a week late. No excuse. This institute has been in business for 100 years and just now can't handle it?

Hire more people if need be... God knows people need jobs during this *** show.


The USPS sucks................ In addition to a bunch of their employees helping to steal an election, they can't do their job and get a package from point A to point B, without some BS excuse. What a bunch of incompetent fools..........and they work for us!!!!!!!!!!!!


Steal an election? What kind of *** moron are you?


You are the moron idiot,its true.

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