I had a package sent to me by priority mail and its been over a week and no package. USPS states there is no guarantee it will arrive in the two to three days I paid for.

So what is this an upgrade from parcel post with no concerns if the paying customer receives what they pay for or is it a way for the post office to raise some free extra funds? I mean really why up sell a customer on two to three day delivery if you offer no guarantee it will arrive as stated and no refunds.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usps Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $450.

Location: Rapid City, South Dakota

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I totally agree. The Postal Service is always crying poor, yet they keep raising their prices every year and the service gets worse!

I mailed a package Priority from St. Louis to Seattle, WA and it was supposed to be there by Dec. 14. I really did not expect that but I thought no worries getting to my Grandkids by Christmas.

WRONG!!! My tracking information which is basically worthless says it is in transit and is going to be late but does not say how late or where the package even is! I would just like to know that it's headed in the right direction. You would think they could give you updates like Amazon, etc.

does as to where it is, but no. I have never been so upset that my gifts to my Grandkids are not gong to get to them by Christmas. It just Sucks!!! I was going to the post office located near my work daily to pick up mail in the early days of COVID so we would not have to make sure we had someone in our building to receive the mail as most staff was working from home and let me tell you, I went there everyday and what a joke.

Most of the employees are moving at a snail's pace and when you ring the bell to get someone to wait on you, they get nasty! Ridiculos! They get paid a good salary to do this job, with good benefits and I know as my brother retired from the postal service and they don't care one bit about their jobs.

They think they are invincible because they are a Federal employee and they probably are! What a mess!


sent a priority envelope from Braintree MA to Norwich, CT on 12/12 - a whopping 90 miles - left Boston on the 14th - now the 21st - still in transit??? sitting in Norwich???

yet regular stampede mail still moves???

WTF?? Thanks for the great service USPS...


I just don't understand. How can Amazon, Kohls, Sam's Club, Walmart and every other retailer ship overnight or 2 day and USPS can't get it together enough to ship 2 packages from CT to FL within a reasonable amount of time?

Shipped 2 packages on Dec 7th, here it is Dec 21st, and they are still in transit.

Maybe they should hire the Amazon shipping people? Prices go up and service goes down.


I've had an EBay purchase sitting in Phoenix for 17 days. Finally arrived in Denver yesterday!

At least it's now headed to the final destination. What service!


I agree the service is way bad! I live on Morse Street in Natick mass.

I see mail trucks on streets around me but they don’t deliver mail on our street. Most mailboxes are empty for days. Even worse is when you see mail it’s not yours!

I have to bring it to neighbors, and then I see my mail in other mailboxes! We complained, but they don’t care


I am so upset with the USPS I have a prescription medicine that was sent to me two weeks ago .It arrived in Hazelwood Mo a week and a half ago and is still sitting there they are 50 miles from my house. It is so funny that my bills arrive on time but my medicine does not .They are a bunch of over paid idiots!


This isn't the first time for something like this my Package left NJ for Al. but went to Tampa Fl.

then back to Pa.

now to Atlanta no wonder it takes forever to get a Package using USPS. I recommend shippers to muse FedEx or UPS or the like not


I did the same thing a few weeks back and paid extra for faster priority shipping. The package is still sitting in LA, tracking shows its just sitting there but since USPS tracking only updates when they want to you really dont know where your stuff is.

Everything I have received in recent weeks appears to have been used as a play toy with packages smashed and lables distroyed.

Have had packages that becames suddenly delayed and up recieving package weeks later the lable was so lightly printed it had wore off and had to await a new label before they could move it another 50 or 60 feet. $72 billion dollar budget and the pony express was faster 150 yrs ago!


You are right on all of it.


my business is really suffering on count of usps I have a priority package been gone for 14 days and the customer demanded a refund of 44 dollars and it was priority . I hate the USPS


Does idiots lost my international package I paid over $80 to ship and the contents of the package and now I cannot reach anyone by phone it’s just the automated system. The post office should shut down they’re not doing a good job at anything


Same here. Sent envelope USPS Priority on 12/4/2020.

Destination of my envelope is four hours from my home. As of 12/13/2020 tracking shows still in transit, all around the NorthEast. TOTAL INEPTNESS. Very convenient excuse is Holiday season, and Covid.

BS ! This country is seriously failing.


Try shipping priority and put "because first class sucks" in the reference field. I guarantee your priority package will end-up in NY at their detention center for a week before its released and finally delivered. They know what's wrong and they don't care.


I absolutely agree! I paid $50 for 2nd day air and it took ten days to get it.

Lately USPS shipping has been all over the place.

Extremely late deliveries, missing pieces/ busted boxes, etc. Guess everyone got put on hold so they could screw up an election!


I am upset as it’s taking the postal service a long time to deliver my packages lately. Twice this month they have sent my packages to the wrong town.

Three times my package arrived beat up and broken.

I think they need to revamp and hire people that care. They charge three times as much for shipping and for what


I ORDERED SOME MERCHANDISE and PO says its not deliverable....bull...I have a mail Box and a front porch...No dogs...Easy delivery.....Just to lazy to bring the box to my door.....I watched them, the Postal Clerk sat outside and thought about, and drove off with my package.........SORRY SORRY SERVICEC!!! I hope UPS takes over ??? and USPS GOES OUT OF BUSINESS............


In the last month, I have experienced two lengthy delays, one lost package, and one completely destroyed package containing medication. Going through the "proper" channels to complain results in nothing. USPS is a joke and an embarrassment to this country.


I had a package delivered to my house. It never arrived.

Once I checked the tracking number it said that the package has arrived. I called for customer service help.

It said it would only take 1 day or within a day. Its been 3 days and I'm still waiting for a response.


The Post Office is deliberately delaying mail and using cv19 as the excuse. Do NOT use Priority Mail as it will arrive at the same time or later than Parcel Post. Service is nonexistent and nobody cares - that should be their motto.


They are worse than Fed-X if thats possible !

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