I always take the cautious route when sending packages via USPS because I know they are notorious for not having the best service.I sent two packages out for Christmas, both at the same time, both going to the same address and I paid for what I thought was a tracking number.

Well, when one package was received and the other was no where to be found two days later... I entered my tracking number at the USPS website and found that the package had been misdelivered TWICE. That is all of the information that they provided for the service I paid for. I thought it would at least tell me where the package had last been so I could have an idea of where in the world it might be...

no such luck. Tracking is not tracking at USPS, they didn't even know the location of the package when I called customer service. She did tell me that both times the package was misdelivered, it was done so in Miami... where the package shipment ORIGINATED, nowhere near close to its final destination in Ohio.

Bottom line: Don't bother paying for the "Track & Confirm" if you want to be able to actually track your package. USPS doesn't even know where the package is at any given time.

All you get with "Track & Confirm" is delivery confirmation...which I could have gotten for free by calling my family member to ask if the package had arrived.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1246576

I always pass on USPS package delivery.They are government employees who don't give a darn.

Use UPS or Fedex, even when they're more expensive.USPS IS ***.


And now USPS is making Fedex look almost as bad as they do!

"FedEx smart ship", is when a package is carried by FedEx, then past off to USPS when it reaches it's destination hub.

FedEx did a great job time wise, until they passed my item off to USPS, where it has now sat, less than 40 miles from me for two days.

A while back USPS threatened to shut down for financial reason.

I only wish they had!

What was once a 3-5 day average time for domestic deliveries has now become 5-8 days typically concerning USPS.Cost went up, service went down.

You can't get info. about lost packages for two reasons...one, they don't know anymore than you do, and two, they don't give a rats *** and don't feel like they need to. Reminds me of civil service workers...they don't work and you can't fire them lol. No wonder losing your sh#t is referred to as, "going postal".

Me, I'd be ashamed to work for that disassociated branch of our government.I'll be glad when you're gone.


Ordered a package for something months before event and they misdelivered it instead of leaving it at the post office for at least a day because it was in the right town for the address they automatically sent it straight to Las Vegas??????? how does that make any sense then they screwed up the whole thing and I never got my order and they just ignored my complaints


Usps is a joke, caused by blacks, how do i know? I used to work there, never seen such a mess before and after that!!!!


I sent a package priority mail with them, when I entered my zip code and the destinations zip code, the post-office told me two days.

It left CA on the 18th of December and disappeared for three days (great tracking USPS), arrived in the appropriate state CO on the 21st, then did not get delivered an hour away from sorting facility :( my package disappeared again For over a week (more great tracking service from USPS)

Today, the 29th, i get a tracking update, Package is now in MA!

And the post-office wonders why they are losing money and business.

It's because they fall short on providing proper service!


I must ask: Why would ANYONE sent ANYTHING through the USPS if they don't have to (that is, for anything other than first class mail, competition for delivery of which by other companies is prohibited by law)?

Bottom line: if you're shipping a parcel, important documents, or anything else of value and want to make sure that it actually reaches its destination, USE DHL, FEDEX, UPS, OR SOME OTHER COMMERCIAL SERVICE. Yes, these will cost more, but at least you know that your package will actually arrive at its intented destination, and in much less time than the incompetent USPS requires.

The USPS is a government bureaucracy that should have gone out of business decades ago. People need to stop enabling it in order to save a buck!


It took 7 days for my package(.5oz) to go fron Plainview ILL to Forrest Park ILL, WTF


USPS track and confirm is a complete waste of time!!I've had a shipment that left PA 4 days ago and that's my latest update.

Did the truck break down, somebody rob it, driver out taking a leak, what's the deal????

I would gladly pay the extra couple bucks to use UPS and know exactly where my package is everyday.

Thomasville, Georgia, United States #704142

USPS Track & Confirm for small parcels is a joke.It should read "Track and loose".

Our company has had over 287 small parcels lost or signifigantly delayed (45-60 days) over the past 3 months. No one in the USPS knows where they are, and can not racak them with any certenty. You can enter the tracking number just to realize that either it never got scanned or that the last point it was was the last point it will ever be (lost). I have documenteed this loss with specific tracking numbers for over 300 small parcels.

The USPS to date has cost me accounts and thousands of dollars in lsot and replaced parcels (items). Buying insureanec does not get you back dissatisfied customeee5rs and is very expensive. The USPS is doing nothing effective to find out where the parcels are being lost or delayed. I have an active OIG investigation with the inspector from the USPS but nothing is happening to resolve the problem or even identify where the problem is.

I am now in contact with my Congressman Austin Scott in Georgia and am gaining Congressionl contacts to try and request a formal Congressional Investigation of the miss handling, tampering and or mis leading advertising claims of the USPS Track & Confirm program from Endicia.

If you know of any other complaints regarding this subject please e-mail contact info to: dtil@rose.net.


A customer going out of business due to the USPS.

Savannah, Georgia, United States #663174

Unreliable USPS.Husband send package from BZE express to Hinesville because he needed it delivered within 3 days.

It was a confidential document, wife waiting for it to travel back to BZE, payed a lot of money for it. It's been 10 days now. Called USPS, they only read to me what was on the tracking info on the internet which I had already known. Customer Service didn't have a clue where the package was or where it was going next.

USPS SUCKS.I will never use them again Sorry.

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