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I had a package shipped to be on 11/8, standard shipping, and got a tracking number. All tracking tells me is that it was shipped on the 8th, and that the LATEST expected date of delivery is 11/17 (OR!!!) 11/28. I get two different "delivered by" dates when I track.

I then signed up to get tracking updates via email and selected the "new" information option versus "existing". What did I get? An email telling me that the package was shipped on 11/8. (In the past, I've been notified of a delivery having occurred, 2 or 3 days AFTER the delivery happened.)

I called USPS, asked about the confusing delivery dates, and was asked, "What is it you want?" I then emailed a complaint and got, 3 days later, a generic response from a company that the USPS contracts to handle complaints, which didn't even contain the information that I put in the online form. "Hi! I'm Jennifer! I note your complaint, how may I help you?"

That the USPS can't track packages like UPS does, or at the very least, have a system that doesn't say "will arrive in nine days max, or maybe 20 days max..." is mind boggling. That it is losing business makes SENSE given the frustrating silliness that customers have to put up with.

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I'll never, ever use USPS again, tracking is worthless, no updates, apparently the world stops on Sunday, can't get anyone on the phone. I'm all for USPS going out of business.

Rhinelander, Wisconsin, United States #1275742

I agree, I have 3 packages from 3 different tracking numbers. When I go to USPS tracking and enter any of my tracking numbers, I get the same response, there is nothing for that number. Why do I even waste my time, it's the same story every time.


I am ebay seller from malaysia.I can upload malaysian tracking starting with RR to USPS all along until recently it just stopped showing any signs of tracking after 17th Oct.

When i track on ebay it says ORIGIN POST IS PREPARING SHIPMENT. When i track on USPS it says USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for MALAYSIA. Its been 3 weeks & nothing updated.

Now my buyers have a good excuse to get a refund.Am i alone or is everyone having the same issue here?

to Anonymous #1065034

Same thing happens every year fom Oct. to Jan.

As non US seller, in this period I just stop sell expensive items, because I'm loosing money.

Buyers recieves packages but asking for refund because USPS cant provide tracking.

When you place a refund and after all discover that it was delivered, you can do nothing.


USPS Tracking like the rest of the US government is made up of many people that are totally incompetent.Look at our leaders.

If you want something shipped and want to track it, always use Fed ex or UPS. They have real meaningful tracking.

Its time to get rid of the post office. Let the professionals handle the mail. The post office is no longer an asset.

When it costs you money its time to get rid of it.

The entire government is made up of wasted wasteful morons who can not function in the real world.


I have the same issue with their system, or lack thereof.They are lucky they are a Government agency and have no accountability.

Any other business that charged extra for a service that they have no intention of providing would be held liable. They know their expected delivery is not going to be met and they have no idea where your package is in the system.

When they lost a package their response was for me to call the vendor and tell them to send me another.So incompetent, one would think that with all the wasted time of making excuses to customers they would invest in a tracking software or system that worked and let the employees go back to work.

Hitchcock, Texas, United States #1000311

Tracking is still a JOKE.Today is June 27th,2015.

My last update on my pkg. was June 24th from Atlanta.Attempted tracking Phone calls are a joke too.

This crapp has been going on for years...and these people want raises and on top of that, they charge more for services and stamps.POS service IMHO......ed in tx

Gaylord, Michigan, United States #970050

Lost my package.Did not deliver.

Sent me the TOP OF THE BOX back and NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!

Box top was in a bag that says "we care". I feel like I've been robbed. The guy that bought the car part off me is pissed off and wants his money back.

Im out the part, the money for the part, and the shipping cost!!

Spent over an hour on the phone and nothing. Spent a half hour at the post office cussing the *** that worked there and NOTHING. Cant wait to see these fools go out of business.

I'll NEVER use usps for anything again.



USPS is a joke because lots of African Americans and Mexicans work there. America is in decline!


Yes that us right.Usps us the worst customer service in the service industry.

They should clear off their customer service before they asking tax payers to bail them out every year with billions of tax payers dollars.It is shame to billions hard earn tax payers dollars going to USPS who has little or no regard to its bailer.

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