USPS tracking is useless. FIrst of it doesn't actually track the package.

All it tells you is if has left and if its been delivered, no where in between like FEDEX or UPS. Next is the worst voice routing system on the planet. Don't try and get a representative, that will cause undue stress in your life. No reason to waste time and frustration on anything except automated tracking, which if you read my first point, doesn't tell you anything anyway.

Its FEDEX and UPS from now on. At least those companies, while not perfect, as least make an effort.

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Add this : Last name starts Hom , i get mail for Adams different rd. They , owe everyone makes a mistake , 6 times a year is not a mistake. They got upset when i suggested a rural carriers should get Hooked On Ebonics at the hiring.


So i live in SC and ordered a package out of NC . three hour drive.

Package went to Ohio for a week , then to Ga for a day , then to SC. And basic same , ordered package from Kty , it went to Conn , then to SC


Exactly right. All its say is "in transit." No kidding!!

I would hope every package is in transit. But where is it? New York? Chicago?

Another continent????

Wth?? Completely useless.


USELESS as USELESS can be! And when you're on their website a customer satisfaction survey pops up asking you to rate their tracking service.I actually FEAR when I buy something promised to be shipped by UPS or FedEx and somewhere along the way it falls into the incompetent hands of the USPS. That's where the coherent tracking trail ends and you wait for the pony express to deliver your parcel, assuming it ever does arrive.


Paid $24 for an overnight, but 3 days later all I get is "label created not in system."


for a FRACTION of the price, USPS delivers the mail, they even deliver for FedEx and UPS. so while the tracking en route might be bad, the delivery confirmation, and actual delivery are great and still the best deal.


If you think USPS tracking sucks (which it sure does) get a post office box. I got one to get my packages delivered safe and sound until I could retrieve them.

Well twice now the worthless workers at my local post office lost my packages and tried to tell me that the parcels where delivered as tracked and I must have given my key to someone who stole them from my box. Instead on flipping the *** out like I wanted too, I complained to the customer service by email once and a live person the last time. My packages magically appeared in my box. Once my box expired I didn't renew.

U pay and they *** with no Vaseline!

That's why some many merchants now wont deal with the usps because of lost, missing packages, *** them! And add to that their terrible customer service inside the local branches!


Without a doubt USPS is as worthless as *** on a boar hog!!!!! I had a package shipped from China on 10/28/2015.

According to USPS Tracking, the package arrived in the USPS ISC Chicago facility on 11/6/2015. It is now 12/15/2015 and I can't even call up the Tracking info online anymore because it indicates "Not Found". This started immediately after I tried contacting a live human being on the phone. Good luck at contacting a live, thinking human being at USPS because all I got was a worthless machine that is programmed to completely frustrate the user.

Having a package sit in package Purgatory in Chicago for going on 2 months with no update is beyond ridiculous.

Is is any wonder why USPS is bankrupt?!!!


Dec 2015....again another year of useless tracking by the post office. It should just be dumped.

Why say you have it if you can't even make it usefull? Never know where something is or when it will arrive.

Not good for businesses or regular people. Mike in Wasilla, Alaska.


Same here. All I have is trouble with USPS shipping.

The tracking is, indeed useless.


The USPS tracking system is useless, strictly "lip service" from the USPS attempting to appear professional and astute.

No information is available through a USPS tracking number until AFTER the item has been delivered. If you telephone anyone at the postal service in the tracking department you are told they have no information on your number.

Belleview, Florida, United States #1019560

This is Don again from Belleview , I should have read this before I used USPS. Will NEVER use them Again

Belleview, Florida, United States #1019548

I sent a box Monday @ 11:33am going to Okeechobee it got to Orlando @ 9:45am Tuesday and didn't go out until 2:48am Friday

It is now 3:43pm Friday with NO update . Can't fined no person to talk to , I will never use USPS again .

I will go with FedEx or UPS . As for as I care they can close all USPS offices .


I have had things shipped by 3 day priority mail and now miss the intermediate scans now only the departure and arrival from the local points. Another issue is that the package will usually arrive at the regional service center in less than 2 days only to be held for 24 hrs because it wasn't 2 day priority mail. you would think they would like to keep the flow going but instead hold the package to 'punish' the shipper/receiver for not using the 2 day service.


every time i send a package to my daughter in Il it is damaged.. there is always insurance on the package, THAT IS A JOKE !!!!!

when you go to collect the insurance they say it was not submitted in time..

even if my post office sends the information..

postal insurance has never paid for any damages...

not worth the time to get insurance through USPS...


Aaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh! A package mailed from Fayetteville, GA, on 6/12/15 to Lincolnton, GA, went to Akron, OH, (?????) where it supposedly left early morning 6/16/15 and all I am still getting from Tracking is "Delayed"!

Where the heck is it now????

It's 6/18 and my grandson's birthday!!! Have called two numbers and can only yell at an automated voice!!!

to Anonymous #1016327

I know...it's awful! My grandaughter's b-day gift went to PUERTO RICO before finally arriving in NEW JERSEY! USPS sucks!

Henderson, Nevada, United States #994476

USPS does Suck Big Time !!!! I order a lot of thing from the internet.

Unfortunately, most of the venders I deal with use USPS. I'd say, 1 out of 5 arrives on time. The rest of the time it is late anywhere from 1 to 6 days. And if you call them, all you get is an automated system that will not let you talk to anyone.

Any other company would of already gone out of business, but because it us the US government, we pay to keep it running. They employees of the USPS get attacked so much, that they have the attitude that we as customers need to just live with it and quit complaining.

They are ***, Rude, and Have no clue how to do their job, and You and I pay their salaries. What a country !!!!!


My two-day priority took two weeks. And not just once, time and time again. I have a P O Box which I should consider canceling.

Ocala, Florida, United States #964023

quit ***. Go use Fedex or UPS if you don't like it.



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