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This usps truck almost ran me off the road!! I'm Gettin on the freeway soon as I get ready to merge this *** speeds up!!

I had to fight my way in the lane or I would have been on the site of the freeway! I took a pic of the truck with the truck! He scared the mess out of me! Like why was he in hurry to speed up in traffic I had no choice put the get over!

I had my baby in the car with me and all! He needs to loose his permission to drive!!

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Maybe YOU were not there I was! I would not make a complaint if he was doing what you THINK he was doing or what he should have been doing!

And your wrong again I wasn't taking a pic while driving If your read my complaint I clearly said I had my baby in the car so it wouldn't be smart on my part!

***! if you don't have a solution on helping why comment with a bunch of guessing and assumptions!!


Needs to proof read before hitting post comment.

to Anonymous San Diego, California, United States #1019281

You need to stfu if you have no info on how to help thank you


So just slow down and pull in behind him. No big freakin deal.

Maybe he couldn't pull over because there was traffic on the other side of him? Maybe he was trying to speed up to give you a bigger gap either in front or behind him to fit into. Part of driving is being able to be reactive to those around you so part of the responsibility also lies with you.

Also why are you taking pictures when you are driving??? Hopefully it was someone else in the car that took the photo?


I did try and contact usps and no return cAlls or emails back which is why I did this review so my RANT is NOT just a RANT thank you


Please complain to the USPS. The best complaints are taking serous when you have date ,time, where it occurred and you already have the federal vehicle #.

A lawyers letter head will help. Type the complaint do not E mail. Remember a Rant is a Rant.

A good complaint on paper is always much better.

to Safe Truck Driver 9 #967725

I did contact usps with TIMES, DATE, and the freeway I was on and no return cAlls or emails back so I'm not sure if a typed letter would help usps wont even call me back! which is why I did this review so my RANT is NOT just a RANT thank you


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