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Never rent a PO Box or step foot into this place. The USPS in West Caldwell has about 99% of its employees complete ***!

They could give 2 xxxx about any customers except themselves. They are lazy, stupid, and have a attitude problem. They always screw up our packages every single time and refuse to give them. Everytime you call them they make some excuse to either hang up the phone on you, or say the person you want to talk to is out to lunch.

They are the biggest bunch of lying *** bags around. We wish we never stepped foot into this place because its been a complete neighmare dealing with these idiots. We always use the physical address w/ our box number to have packages delivered. Its an agreement that has been around for 7 years.

These idiots knew nothing about it. Regardless of how many copies of this agreement you hand them and complain at the top of your lungs, they couldnt care less. They keep repeating the same mistake over and over again. A package was delivered by FedEx (which is another agreement) and they tried to extort $65 off me despite FedEx delivering the package, they knew it and regardless of how many times we said it and they saw the FedEx label they refused to give it to us until we folked over the money.

Another time they opened a box with a computer worth $5k and they destroyed it. They gave me a damaged box open and torn, and said "yeah we opened it and used it". You call these people you get some hindu on the phone that claims the person is out to lunch and then when you show up an hour later, that same person is mysteriously come and gone. They tell you to wait by the PO Box door knowing full well there's no one there and they keep you waiting forever.

7 different times these idiots keep screwing up packages. Now they have a package since October 04, 2017 and its been 4 days and every single time these lying aholes keep giving us the run around.

We've had enough and they are in the process of being sued. If you look at the reviews they do the same thing to everyone.

Review about: Usps Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Um exaggerate much!? They didn’t tell you they took it out and used it.

And they can’t extort $65 for a fedex package.

I smell a lie or 12. Now if you try to send a priority package in an express box you will pay the difference.

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