I send an international package. and never reached its destination. I called them to explain to me what happened to the package??? ... and after they kept me waiting on the phone for 45 minutes, also kept me on hold... and the only thing they said is that I paid the lowest price to send it "first class". and that's why they don't know where it is?!?!. "DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENCE, what so ever

now my question is.. why do they have a service when is UNSECURED?!?!?!?

i am done with usps!

GO FEDEX!!!... GO UPS!!.. SCREW USPS!!!...

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All I can say is it no wonder why they are losing business and looking to downsize services with the poor service and carriers that can not even get the mail to the correct address or mail box. I recently ordered medication and it was delivered correctly the first time.

The second time they returned it stating insufficient address. When I called The USPS office they tried the wrong address game till I provided them the tracking number and they read the correct address back to me so the phone was silent for a few seconds. The amusing part is this is not the first time.

As far as I am concerned they should privatize all mail service. Fed Ex USP are you ahead of the USPS in customer service and on time delivery and finding the correct address


i am so upset with them i have ordered a month ago the tracking number they gave me is booool shhhhit no updating at all just hate them and i will forget about my order it looks will never reach


Horrible customer service! I sent an international package and they not only lost the 5th package that month, but ALSO hung up on me after he was unable to find my address in the system! They should do a better screenbing process of their employees!

The company I work for is a huge merchant w usps and we WILL NOT be shipping through them any longer!!

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