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I paid extra for package to be delivered on a certain date to me. I was waiting from 8 AM to 2 PM for package. When I saw mailman at 2 PM he said that there was missed deliver note in his box that he is ready drop for me right now.

Besides that driver did not make any attempt to deliver package he did not even leave note for me to know that so called "attempt" is been made.

I want to post office on Washington ST in Somerville MA to ask if it is possible to figure out where is my package as I urgently need it. Supervisor ran and screamed at me like mad that he knows nothing and can help with nothing.

I just needed a package, I did not need all this aggravation.

I advice anyone who needs package to be delivered on time do not use USPS services.

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I agree i had live fish sent via usps priority to be mailed to me on saturday. Since it didnt show up saturday they will be in there till monday ill have to miss work for what will be a 100$ bag of smelly dead fish. No wonder they r going under POOR SERVICE

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