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Poor customer service. All I wanted was to speak to someone on the phone at my local USPS retail office to find out if they carry shipping tubes so that I wouldn't have drive all of the way there first.

When you call, all you get is a voice recording basically telling you to call the 1-800 national customer service number. How is someone at the 1-800 number supposed to know what the local office has or doesn't have? During regular business hours, real people should be answering the *** phone!

No wonder why USPS is in trouble, they can't even do the most basic simple things right. Real businesses don't leave their voice answering machines on all day!

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Try looking in a local phone book or google search your local post office for the direct number. I had the same computer run around you did with the 1-800 number. I now have our local number saved in my phone.

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