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On February 19th, 2008, I mailed a very important piece of mail from the post office at Oxford, PA (19363) to my credit union in Warminster, PA (19874). I used certified mail,return receipt. When I failed to receive the receipt, I tracked the item, and the USPS supposedly "attempted delivery" on February 20th at 2:41 PM.

The credit union had been open, which I confirmed. The site also claimed that a notice to pick up was left. The credit union searched, and there was no such notice left. No further attempts were made to deliver the item, as confirmed by my retracking it, so I called the credit union, and they told me that in this case, they would accept a FAX. This cost additional money in gasoline, as there are no KINKO's or STAPLES in reasonable distance, so my husband had to drive 45 minutes to his office to fax it.

A wonderful employee at my local post office got involved calling the Warminster postmaster and getting one runaround after the other: first it was that it had been a substitute carrier and "some discipline" would be done. Then his story was that it was too bad for me, that they left the notice, and the item, which I paid $5.21 to mail hadn't been delivered, they had no intention of doing so, and I was out my money. I was even told that I should have spent more money. My local employee gave me his number to call, and of course it was busy, busy, busy. So I went on the Postmaster General's site to see how to make a complaint.

Finally, I retracked the item, to find that the item HAD been delivered yesterday, Feb. 27th, only because of the efforts of my local postal employee. The excuse made that I should have spent more money would have been useless, because if the carrier wasn't to attempt delivery or leave a card, then no matter how much money I spent, to use Express Mail, Priority Mail, etc. would have been a waste. My poor local postal employee had to listen to me venting on the phone about Warminster's disgraceful service. Okay, it was finally delivered, but not in time. It took 8 days, $5.21, and special intervention. Thumbs up for Oxford post office, a definite thumbs down for Warminster.

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again, something should be done about this my neighbors called and complained and got no where because they don't care to help anyone via phone, and the USPS sure did some huge lays offs to save money but screwed the rest of the employees so why should they care....


the Warmister Pa USPS changed all of they're routs and now my mail comes late or not at all, sometimes two days pass and no mail....


actually postal employees do very much. delivering thousands of letters a day.

one or two mistakes is understandable. i am sure you make mistakes at your job.

Victoria, Minnesota, United States #17608

More to the point, the vast majority are idiots (truly) with low IQs who are challenged by the mundane and get paid way too much to actually do very little - and they don't do it well!

Henagar, Alabama, United States #14089

Unfortunately not all Postal Employees understand the importance of Certified Mail.

Just a suggestion.

Next time try mailing your certified letter in a Certified Mail Envelope from they include in-route letter tracking. You not only get proof of letter delivery (Electronic Return Receipt), but the Electronic Tracking Confirmation scans as your letters transported in route to your recipient.

Eldon, Missouri, United States #4375

wah wah wah

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